Yuchtar zantai-Klaan
Starfleet Character Profile

Last Updated 26 July 2000

Yuchtar FULL NAME:
      Yuchtar T'Pania Bryna (Dougherty) zantai-Klaan

RANK: Admiral


      Fleet Admiral's Commendation
      Commendation from Starfleet Command (2)
      Decorated by Starfleet Security Division
      Two Times Wounded

AGE: 35

      Shemakh Settlement
      T'Rai Chi (Vulcan Colonial Planet)

DATE OF BIRTH: 30 August 2265


      Federation Standard.
      Also Vulcan, Klingon, English and Irish Gaelic

      USS PEGASUS NCC-612 (Scout)
         Security, 2 years, 8 months
      USS ODIN NCC-1875 (Heavy Frigate)
         Security, 4 years
      USS GEMINI DREAM NCC-64739 (Heavy Frigate)
         Chief of Security, 2 years
      USS SAMARA NCC-61387 (Tug)
         Captain, 3 years
      Space Station ZEBRA
         Commander, 8 months

      Entered Starfleet at age 21. With five degrees already from the Vulcan Academy of Science, she taught several courses at Starfleet Academy while fulfilling the command studies requirement for Starfleet commissioning. She then surprised her professors and chose to study at Security School, rather than take a position in the Sciences.
   After graduating with honours from Starfleet Security School, Klaan was assigned to the scout ship USS PEGASUS, commanded by Captain Gloria Mellanby (stardate 8806.3). Based on the recommendation of the ship's Chief of Security, Yuchtar was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant(jg), just shortly before the final communiqué was issued from the PEGASUS. Dated 8911.14, the message stated the ship was under attack from a rogue Klingon warship.
   The PEGASUS was destroyed and, wounded, Yuchtar was among those taken prisoner. Having distinguished herself at the "Games," she was chosen to replace a Klingon she had killed and served aboard a Klingon vessel for a little over a year before making her escape and returning to the Federation. (While serving aboard this Klingon vessel, she was evidently awarded the Klingon honourific "tai" to be placed before her surname.)
   For her stamina and ingenuity in surviving this ordeal, Yuchtar was decorated by Starfleet Security Division.
   Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Yuchtar was then assigned to the USS ODIN, where she served as Simulation Specialist. On the recommendation of the ship's Chief of Security, Yuchtar was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and served for a short time as Starfleet Liaison with the Klingon Diplomatic Corps.
   When the ODIN was decommissioned, Yuchtar was promoted to Commander and assigned as Chief of Security aboard the newly commissioned USS GEMINI DREAM. While on leave from the GEMINI DREAM, Yuchtar and a friend named General Kirok were traveling in a modified K-13 called The GORKON when they disappeared through an unstable wormhole.
   Yuchtar was listed as MISSING, PRESUMED DEAD.

   Yuchtar and Kirok, however, reemerged almost 150 years later. It has reached our attention that, when the GORKON slipped through the wormhole, the duo joined up with a band of rogue Klingons calling themselves The Imperial Klingon States. During her time with them, Yuchtar rose to the rank of Tactical Admiral and was awarded the Klingon honourific "zantai."
   Taking advantage of their combat experience, Starfleet assigned Yuchtar to the rank of Commodore and the position of Military Operations Commander, while Kirok agreed to serve as her Tactical Adviser.
   During the Dominion War, Yuchtar earned a Fleet Admiral's Commendation and was promoted to the rank of Admiral.
   With her health failing, she then stepped down as Military Operations Commander, to take over command of Fleet Thirteen: Support Services, Head Quartered at Space Station ZEBRA.

Yuchtar RETIRED from Starfleet on stardate 2500.01

      Yuchtar has never been married (that we know of). A half brother named Tyrel still lives on Vulcan, but the two are not close.

         HEIGHT:   165 cm
         WEIGHT:   90 kilos
               HAIR:   Auburn
               EYES:   Brown

      Yuchtar has a pale complexion, pointed ears and a slight forehead crest. She has a small crescent shaped scar on her lower back and two inch scar on her left shoulder. She also has a Terran sea mammal tattooed on the back of her right shoulder.

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