Yuchtar T'Pania Bryna (Dougherty) zantai Klaan

Literally translated, Yuchtar means "chocolate poison." My father was Klingon - he crash landed on the Vulcan colonial planet, T'Rai Chi and was cared for by my mother, a half Human/half Vulcan scientist named T'Mon Dougherty. My father will remain nameless, because he (and his name)was disgraced in the eyes of the Empire for fraternizing and he was executed (okay, stabbed in the back) by another Klingon officer.

I was raised on Vulcan, received the Kohlinar training as well as several degrees from the Vulcan Academy of Science, but I was unfulfilled trying to live the life of a Vulcan. After trips to the Klingon Empire (where I joined the Klaan line) and to Earth (where I stayed with my grandfather, Liam Dougherty, a former Starfleet Engineer and retired Starfleet Academy instructor), I decided to join Starfleet.

I don't like to brag, but I excelled at the Academy, and even taught some science courses while a cadet! Shunning the sciences, however, I went into the Security Division of Starfleet instead. While serving aboard the USS PEGASUS, the ship was attacked and destroyed by Klingons. I was among those captured. I fought well in the Games (which means I killed everyone who got in my way), and so I was given the opportunity to take the place of one I had killed and serve aboard a Klingon vessel. I served for a whole year before I was able to escape, aided by another Klaan kinsman.

I comandeered a K-13 Recon vessel and met up with a diminutive Klingon called General Kirok. Together, we joined an organization of rogue Klingons, with whom I rose to the rank of Tactical Admiral before deciding they were a pack of losers. I and Kirok struck out on our own and now cruise the cosmos in search of adventure in our heavily modified K-13, the GORKON.

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