Highlander: The Series

Highlander the series was based on the movie of the same name. Duncan MacLeod is a distant relative to the Connor MacLeod of the movie and Christopher Lambert (who played Connor) did drop by now and then. Duncan is an Immortal, you see - he can't die unless you decapitate him. There is some ancient myth that tells of a Gathering at which point one and only one Immortal will emerge as the champion to claim the great prize. (In the film, the great prize was mortality, which I think is a crappy let down, but it's never revealed in the series) Anyway, the Gathering is upon us and Immortals all over the world are killing each other. When decapitated, all one's immortal energy/power is released into the nearest Immortal. So, the more Immortals you kill, the more powerfull you become and the more likely you are to defeat the other Immortals - get it? Oh, and they can detect each other - getting a tingling feeling when another Immortal is nearby - early warning system ...

Okay, so Duncan (played by the gorgeous Adrian Paul) is an antique dealer in ... Toronto? Sheesh, I can't remember. I think it was Canada (he later moves to Paris). He has a girlfriend (Tessa?) who makes sculptures from scrap metal. A kid named Richie tries to rob the shop and becomes friends with Duncan. There is an organization of "Watchers" who have been watching and recording Immortal history for centuries - they're not supposed to get involved and not supposed to allow themselves to be noticed by the Immortals, but Duncan has befriended his Watcher, Joe. At one point, Duncan goes in search of the mythological Methos - supposedly the oldest living Immortal. He's been around for centuries - millennia even, so he must be one big, bad hombre, no? But Duncan finds him posing as a Watcher, no less - the foremost Watcher authority on - you guessed it - Methos. He's a skinny little guy - people were shorter then. He and Duncan become fast friends. There is also a female Immortal who keeps showing up. Amanda is a former/future love interest for Duncan - beautiful, but completely un-trustworthy. Not that she would kill him, no, but she'd con anyone out of anything and constantly gets Duncan into trouble wherupon she leaves him holding the bag.

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