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A Partial Film and TV Credits List that I've been working on. I've rated the ones I've seen on a scale of * - ****, or should I say blech! - **** (But there really are so few "blechs") A few things I don't have dates for

3 January 2002
LOTS of new additions to my list taken from the IMDb!
Looks like I have some video hunting to do.

  • 1973 - [TV] The Midnight Special
  • 1975 - A Shadow in the Streets (Chick)
  • 1976
    • Car Wash
      Yes, I've seen this, but don't recall much about it.
    • [TV] Cos (Series regular) - Was this the Cosby Show? I don't recall Tim in this.
    • [TV] Laverne & Shirley: "The Bachelor Party"
  • 1977
    • [TV] All That Glitters (Sonny Packer)
      (Thanks to JA Colombo for telling me about this one - it was evidently a Norman Lear sit-com which lasted only a season).
    • [TV] Benny & Barney, the Aristocrats (Barney)
    • Which Way is Up? (Tour Guide)
    • [TV] Terraces (Steve)
    • Record City (Marty)
  • 1978
    • Remeber My Name (Jeff)
    • A Wedding (Russel Bean)
    • [TV] Quark (Gene/Jean) [****]
      Quark I have fond memories of this show which starred Richard Benjamin as the Skipper of an intergalactic garbage scow. Tim played Gene/Jean (or Jean/Gene) - a half male/half female security officer. This was one of my favourite shows as a kid and I just got a hold of some eps on video - What a hoot! Gene/Jean was always trying to take over command of the ship - LOL!.
    • [TV] Starsky & Hutch: "The Avenger" (Phil)
    • [TV] Hawaii Five-O: "Death Mask" (Mike Chandler)
  • 1979
    • [TV] Angie (Gianni) [***]
      I remember watching this and thinking it was funny, I really can't recall Tim being in it.
    • [TV] The Associates (Johnny Danko)
    • [TV] Mork & Mindy: "Mork and the Immigrant" (Sergei)
  • 1980
    • Fade to Black (Jerry Moriarity) [½]
      This is a pretty campy film, but it's worth watching simply for the scene of Tim snorting coke and jamming on the harmonica in the basement of the Police Station!
    • Carny (Doubles?)
    • [TV] Getting There (Lester)
  • 1981
    • Take This Job and Shove It (Ray Binkowsky) [**]
      Tim does a great job as the goofy, hard drinking side kick in this fluffy film about corporate beaurocracy in small town America.
    • [TV] The Two of Us (Reggie Cavanaugh)
    • St Helens (Sheriff Dwayne Temple) [**]
      Kind of cliche'd, but Tim plays the Sherrif of a town about to be wiped out by an erupting volcano. I mean, Mount St Helen really did erupt, but I find it hard to believe that this is the way it actually happened. It is unclear if Tim is one of the 59 people killed in the eruption. Hey, he's cute, with his long blond hair and bushy mustache and he has some great lines, so well worth watching just for that! Bif Maynard makes a small apearance as a religious leader offering a 15 year old virgin girl up for a sacrifice to "apease the God Vulcan" - LOL!
    • Some Kind of Hero (Cal)
    • [TV] Nero Wolfe: Death on the Doorstep"
  • 1982
    • [TV] Bare Essence (Billy)
    • Honkytonk Man (Highway Patrolman) [**½]
      A movie about a country singer with TB on his way to Nashville to appear in the Grand Ol Opry. Tim is the Highway Patrolman who stops him in Oklahoma - hilarious scene. Clint Eastwood really can't sing, but it's an okay movie anyway - and worth seeing once just for Tim's scene.
    • Jekyll & Hyde - Together Again (Dr. Knute Lanyon)
    • Uncommon Valor (Chopper Pilot - Charts??) [**½]
      This is a Lets-go-back-to-Vietnam-and-rescue-some-POWs film and stars Gene Hackman as a father going after his missing son. Tim is the chopper pilot.
  • 1983
    • [TV] Gun Shy (Theodore Ogilvie)
    • Metalstorm - The Destruction of Jared-Syn (Rhodes) [*]
      A totally bizaar little movie. Tim plays an aging trooper who helps out the hero.
    • The Osterman Weekend (The traffic cop look quick!) [***]
      GREAT flick with Rutger Hauer, Craig T. Nelson and John Hurt - lots of twists, so pay attention.
    • [TV] The Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour (Guest Panelist)
  • 1984
    • [TV] His Mistress (Tom Goodman)
    • Rhinestone (Barnett)[½] - I don't recall Tim being in it - do I have to watch it again?
    • [TV] He's Not Your Son
    • [TV] Hill Street Blues: "Watt a Way to Go" (Nat Rikers)
    • [TV] Hill Street Blues: "Mayo, Hold the Pickle" (Nat Rikers)
    • [TV] Hunter: "Pen Pals"
  • 1985
    • Trancers (Jack Deth) [****]
      Trancers GREAT flick from Full Moon Studios in which Tim plays a cop from the future who comes back in time to rescue the ancestors of the ruling triumverate. Jack Deth Rules!
    • Zone Troopers (Sarge) [****] - WWII troops encounter visitors from beyond. Tim's name may have been Stone (aka "The Iron Sarge"), but he's credited as The Sarge.
    • Volunteers (John Reynolds) [**½] - An early Tom Hanks vehicle in which Tim plays the wacky CIA agent.
    • [TV] Murder, She Wrote: "Sudden Death" (Lt. Clyde Pitts) [***] - Typical episode with Tim as the investigating officer. He works with Jessica well and boy, is he cuuuuuuute in this!
    • [TV] Tall Tales and Legends: "The Legend of Brom Bones" (Brom Bones)
    • [TV] Hardcastle and McCormick: "The Game You Learn From Your Father" (Duke McGuire)
  • 1986
    • Iron Eagle (Ted) [**]
      Fighter pilot gets captured and his teenage kid goes after him - you know the story. Tim plays the kid's Dad.
    • Cherry 2000 (Lester) [***]
      Cherry 2000 Some guy goes in search of a new Cherry 2000 android and finds real love instead. This is the first film in which I ever saw Tim play a baddie - and he's so gooooooood at it!
    • [TV] The B.R.A.T. Patrol (Maj. Dan Hacket)
    • [TV] Hunter: "Change Partners and Dance"
    • [TV] The Twilight Zone: "Take My Life ... Please!"
  • 1987
    • [TV Film] Glory Years (The Lead) [***]
      This is a hilarious film about a class reunion and the trouble three old school chums get into when they borrow the class till and go to Las Vegas. Well worth seeing!
    • Near Dark (Loy Colton) [**½]
      Vampire movie! I love vamp movies. Tim plays the father of a schlepp who gets himself bitten. Lance Henrickson is the leader of the vamp clan - trailer trash vampires - LOL! Well, I only gave it 2 and a half stars because of the lamo way the young guy was "cured" . . . But Tim is cute enough :-)
    • A Tiger's Tale (Lonny)
    • [TV] Down and Out in Beverly Hills (Jerry Baskin)
      I didn't know they ever made a TV series of this!
    • [TV] Tour of Duty: "The Good, The Bad, and The Dead" (Sgt. Aubrey Decker)
    • [TV] St. Elsewhere: "Good Vibrations"
  • 1988
    • [TV Movie] Incredible Hulk Returns (Jack LeBeau) [**]
      The Hulk teams up with Thor in this one and Tim is the baddie again.
    • Wrong Guys (Tim, the surfer dude) [**½]
      This is hilarious! A cub scout pack reunion - Louie Anderson, Richard Lewis, Richard Belzer, Tim, and Franklyn Ajaye go back to the mountain that had defeated them as cub scouts and encounter the evil Duke Earle (John Goodman).
    • [TV] Hunter: "Honorable Profession"
  • 1989
    • Who's Harry Crumb? (Vince Barnes) [**]
      Harry Crumb John Candy is the enigmatic Harry Crumb and Tim is a baddie.
    • [TV] The Young Riders: "Black Ulysses" (Colonel Homer Savage) [**]
      Tim plays the ruthless leader of a group of Missouri Militia hunting down an escaped slave.
    • [TV] 21 Jump Street: "God is a Bullet"
    • [TV] Moonlighting: "Perfect"
  • 1990
    • Vietnam, Texas (Max)
    • Air America (Babo) [***]
      It's about CIA drug smuggling during the Vietnam War and Tim is cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute with his bushy mustache!
    • [TV] The Flash (Jay Allen)
    • [TV] Murder, She Wrote: "According to Maggie" (Bert Rodgers)
    • [TV] Midnight Caller: "Protection"
  • 1991
    • Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth (Jack Deth) [***]
      Jack Deth is back! And he has two wives now! Helen Hunt co-stars and Richard Lynch is the baddie.
    • Dollman (Brick Bardo) [****]
      Tim plays an intergalactic cop who travels to Earth in pursuit of a real baddie only to discover this planet is full of giants (he's only 13 inches tall). This film taught me a lot about the nature of comedy and it is so incredibly funny because all involved play it so straight.
    • [TV Film] Intimate Stranger (Malcolm Henthoff) [**]
      Tim is the twisted psycho in this twisted and kinky little film. I know I say it was a TV movie, but surely not! It is far too sexually kinky to be a TV film - unless it was made for Showtime or something, but the video doesn't mention that. Anyway, Tim does a good job, but the plot is a little too convenient, if you know what I mean ....
    • [TV] Golden Girls: "Where's Charlie?" (Steve)
    • [TV] Baywatch: "Fabulous Buchannon Boys" (Jim Buzz)
  • 1992
    • Stringer [aka Prime Time Murder] (Jack Mitchell) [***]
      A news reporter/photographer investigates a series of murders and enlists an aging ex-cop (Tim) to help out. Stringer
    • Trancers III: Death Lives (Jack Deth) [**½]
      Jack is Back! And this time he's up against Andrew Robinson!
    • Bad Channels
  • 1993
    • Die Watching (Cop) [And you WILL - blech!]
      Don't bother! You'll roll in agony! Eh, even Tim seems resigned to the fact that this film sux - he doesn't even try.
    • Dollman vs The Demonic Toys (Brick Bardo) [*]
      Errrrrrrrrrr - somewhat amusing, but stinky none-the-less ......
    • Nemesis (Farnsworth) [**]
      Good guy, bad guy, cyborg? Hard to explain, but there's a II and III out as well!
    • The Harvest (Steve Mobely) [**½]
      I think this is the one in which Mel Ferrar wakes up to find his Kidney has been stolen. Tim plays ..... The Landlord? There's a nice scene with Tim in skimpy swim trunks (grin)
    • Trancers 4: Jack of Swords (Jack Deth) [**½]
      Tim is back as Jack Deth, but this one isn't as good - Jack is transported to some midieval alter Earth and encounters Vampire Trancers
    • Natural Causes (The assassin) [*½]
      I saw this, but don't recall much .........
    • Brainsmasher, A Love Story (Black)
    • Eddie Presley (The Shock Comic)
    • Knights (Uncredited cameo?)
    • [TV Series] Sirens (Sgt. Buddy Zunder) [***]
      By the time I found and got hooked on this show, Tim's character got killed off! Whaaaaaaaaaaa! Sirens
    • [TV] Silk Stalkings: "Night Games" (Foster Henshaw)
  • 1994
    • [TV] The Cisco Kid (Lundquist)
    • Spitfire (Rex Beechum) [***]
      Spitfire Great little film with Lance Henrickson - Poor Tim takes quite a beating every way he turns - AND spends half the film with no pants on - LOL!
    • Fleshtone (Buddy Fields) [*½]
      This is an odd film. Tim plays the sidekick to an artist who strikes up a weird relationship with a woman on the phone which leads to dangerous intrigue. I always had the feeling someone decided they didn't like the ending? And just cut it off. I think Tim's character was behind it all .........
    • Trancers 5: Sudden Deth (Jack Deth) [**]
      Part two of Trancers 4 - watch it only to see what happens.
    • Hong Kong 97 (Jack McGraw) [***]
      Tim is a sidekick again, and this time .... he doesn't fare well (see photo). This movie actually surprised me by being good - and it;s GREAT to see Brion James as a good guy for a change! Hong Kong 97
    • Heat Seekers (Oldest Elder - Some weird guy with long fingernails) [Don't bother - Blech!]
    • [TV] Silk Stalkings: "Mother Love" (Jack Stoner) [**]
      He's the victim, so doesn't last long.
    • [TV] Viper: "The Face" (Lyle Hinkle)
      Only saw the last half - he played a retiring hit man known for his mastery of disguise using a synthetic skin (like Darkman). He was a good guy in this one.
  • 1995
    • Dominion (Fitz)
    • Nemesis III (Farnsworth 2)
    • [TV] Legend: "Birth of a Legend" (John Wesley Coe) [***]
      Loved this show!
    • [TV] Land's End (Dave "Thunder" Thornton) [***]
      I've seen a few eps of this and Tim is great in it - lots of scantilly clad men around (and women too, if that's your bag ...)
    • [TV] Walker, Texas Ranger: "War Zone" (Mitchell Bolton)
  • 1996
    • [TV] When Time Expires (Rifkin Koss) [***]
      I missed the beginning, so not sure what all was going on. Richard Grieco and Mark Hammill are apparently from another planet and work for a ministry that evaluates planets to see if they're worthy of being invited to join some federation that promotes peace through time manipulation. Good guys, bad guys, saving the planet from destruction - hard to figure who's who and what's what. Tim has that buzz cut he seems to like so much now and is cute as ever. Sheesh, there's one scene where he is standing there in that long black coat with the big space gun - looks just like Brick Bardo from the Dollman poster - LOL! It's worth seeing!!
    • Kid Cop (Arnold Downey) [***]
      Cute family picture in which a kid notices something odd about the local ice cream vendor and starts investigating. Tim is a garage mechanic who ends up helping out.
    • [TV] The Sentinel: "The Rig" (Ben Crilly) [***]
      A mysterious death on board an off shore oil rig brings Jim and Blair into contact with some baddies who are after nuclear waste (or something ..... been a while since I saw it)
    • [TV] Back to Back (Thomas)
    • Blast (Police Commissioner)
    • [TV] Pacific Blue: "Out of The Past" ("Angel of Death") [**]
      I rated this, so I must have seen it, but I don't recall ever seeing any ep of this show. (boggle)
    • [TV] Xena: "The Prodigal" (Meleager the Mighty)
    • [TV] Viper: "Winner Take All" (Dekker) - I only caught the last half of this, so can't rate it, but Tim plays a real bad-assed ex military commander in this episode.
    • [TV] Dave's World: "Pardon My Nuptuals"
  • 1997
    • [TV] Xena: "The Execution" (Meleager) [***]
    • [TV Film] "Escape from Atlantis" (Capt. Liam Gallagher)[**]
      Escape from Atlantis Boy, Tim is a real bastard in this one - LOL! When the boat is sinking, he stands there with the only life vest in one hand and a bottle in the other and tells the young teenage girl that "Maritime Law stipulates the first flotation device goes to the captain of the vessel." They end up leaving him behind in Atlantis. It's a silly film and poorly acted, but some cute Tim moments, so worth watching.
    • [TV] Lois & Clarke, The New Adventures of Superman: "I've Got You Under My Skin" (Woody Samms)[***]
      This was good - Tim plays a thief with a price on his head who can swap souls with animals. When he goes the next step and swaps with another human, who does he choose? Reporter Clark Kent, of course! Tim is cute as ever and gets to kiss Lois - thrice - heh heh.
    • [TV] Silk Stalkings: "Three Weeks of The Condor" (Monti Storm)
    • [TV} Renegade: "Born Under a Bad Sign"
  • 1998
    • [TV] Sliders: "Lipschitz Live!" (MacArthur Mallory) [***]
      Great show! On this world, the Mallory clan is wealthy and powerful and life is pretty much a talk show - Tim plays the boys' dad. Mallory
    • Crossfire (Crane)
    • Detour (Mel Kiner)
    • Together & Alone (Daddy)
    • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Hoodlum)
    • [TV] Vengeance Unlimited: "Security" (Krendle)
    • [TV] Ally McBeal: "They Eat Horses, Don't They?" (Mr Daly)
    • [TV] The Magnificent Seven: "The Collector" (Guy Royal)
    • [TV] Three: "Like Felon, Like Daughter" (Bank Robber)
  • 1999
    • Dirt Merchant (Jack)
    • Red Team (William Heywood)
    • Unseen Evil (Ranger Chuck McNeil)
      Unseen Evil The producer of this film actually wrote to me! Many thanks to Johnnie J. Young of Young Wolf Productions for sending me this lovely photo. He says the movie was filmed in 1999, but not released until 2002. Check out Amazon.com for a copy. That's what I plan to do.
    • Suckers (Detective Laughlin)
    • Last Chance (Sam)
    • [TV] Crusade: "War Zone" (Senator McQuate)
    • [TV] Sabrina, The Teenage Witch: "Ice Station Sabrina" (Mr Alcorro)
    • [TV] The Magnificent Seven: "The New Law" (Guy Royal)[***]
      Tim has a very tiny part in this one and it's an okay ep with Robert Vaughn. A new law man comes to town and his policy is no guns in city limits. That only leaves the town open to attack by evil-minded cattlemen, of which Tim is one. Brion James also appears.
  • 2000
    • [TV] Beggars & Choosers "Fathers and Sons" - "Rob is thrilled when his son is accepted to his alma mater, Yale, but a media firestorm hits LGT over the executive's complicated paternity case. Malcolm learns that his estranged father (Tim Thomerson) is dying and decides to visit him in the hospital."
    • Border to Border (Poet)
    • Ocean Park (Mike)
    • Highway 395
    • [TV] The Princess and the Barrio Boy (Monsignor O'Dell)
  • 2001
    • [TV] The District: "Bulldog's Ghost" (A Marine Corps Colonel) [***]
      I didn't know he was going to be on, so I missed most of the show because I was doing something else. The episode had to do with Vietnam MIAs and Tim was a USMC Colonel with a REALLY short hair cut.
    • Crawlers
    • Devil's Prey (Sheriff) [*]
      Okay, best thing about this movie is Tim. It's a real stinker. Tim does a good job as the Sheriff, but he's killed off after only 5 minutes! Watch it once to catch Tim, then don't bother again.
    • [TV] Days of Our Lives (Oliver Wentworth)
  • 2002
    • Pulse Pounders (Jack Deth)
    • Trancers 6 (Jack Deth) - What? TWO new Jack Deth adventures?! WooHoo!!
    • Gale Force
    • [TV Movie] Project Viper (Sherrif Morgan) [***]
      (Sci Fi Channel Original) Another government project gone awry due to greed flick - a little cliche'd but well done overall. Tim is a little heavier and his hair is a little whiter, but he's still lookin' good! Unfortunately, the monster bites him on the head and slurps him up like a noodle. (sigh)
  • ????
    • [TV] Midnight Caller: "Protection"
    • [TV] Hawaii Five-O

I'd like to give credit where credit is due -- many of the pics apearing on this page where . . . well, pilfered from Chris Holland. Otherwise, the one of Meleager is from the Xena Home Page, the one of Capt Gallagher is from the Escape From Atlantis Home Page, the one of Buddy Zunder is from the now defunct Tim Thomerson Fan Club site, and some I've scanned myself.

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