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Astronaut Angst
Portrayed by Ed Bishop with angelic good looks, a commanding voice and plenty of smoldering angst, Straker brings out every woman's maternal instincts (and perhaps a few that are not quite so maternal??).

Oh yeah; he has a cool car, too!

Ed Straker was a (very young) Colonel in the US Air Force when he was called upon to head up the construction of SHADO. A newly wed intelligence officer, Straker was hesitant at first - thinking the command should have gone to his boss and friend, General Henderson. Once he agreed to accept the responsibilty, however, there was no turning back and no compromising ...

USAF Straker is a complex and tragic figure - SHADO and Ed's dedication to fighting the alien threat destroyed his marriage and would also play a part in the death of his son. His single-minded devotion to duty sets him apart from his elite crew, who often regard their leader as a cold, calculating, ruthless commander. In certain respects, that may be true, but Ed's aloofness has also left him lonely, and in many ways, vulnerable as well.

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  • Identified, in which we first meet Straker as a USAF Colonel.
  • Confetti Check A-Okay, in which we flashback to Straker's honeymoon and see how his marriage fell apart.
  • A Matter of Priorities, in which we see how putting SHADO first may have caused the death of Straker's son, Johnny.
  • Subsmash, in which we see Straker struggling with his claustrophobia when the Skydiver he is on goes down.
  • The Responsability Seat, in which we find a pretty journalist causing Straker lots of angst as he struggles with his emotions and tries to balance duty, loneliness, truth and disappointment.
  • Timelash, in which Straker singlehandedly battles a Ufoe which has somehow frozen time. (And, really, Col. Lake doesn't help much!)

  • Born to Ride - If you read the video jacket or TV Guide description of this film, you're liable to think it sounds stupid, but it is a surprisingly good little film in which, alas, Ed appears all too briefly.
  • The Lords of Discipline - Ed plays Commerce St Croix, a pompous southern aristocrat (with an outrageous accent!!). His role is minor, but still pivotal to the story line, which has to do with racism in a military school.
  • Pets, which is a really bad film, but Ed plays a major part and the movie is none-the-less quite (unintentionally) funny.
  • Diamonds Are Forever, in which Ed plays the hapless Klaus Hergesheimer who inadvertantly aids Bond in his snooping.

  • He has a wonderful voice and has also done quite a few Radio Plays for the BBC. The only ones I have had the pleasure of hearing are the Raymond Chandler plays in which Mr. Bishop plays Philip Marlowe.

In Memorium: Edward Bishop 1932-2005

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