He definitely seems to have liked petite women. I've done a web search for any info about Pucci Renaldi or Delphinia Moreland, but could find nothing about either woman. I have seen one or two other photos that look like they come from this shoot, though. I am curious about the bottom statement that Steve had been in hospital - would that have been for the shoulder injury he got while filming The Last Days of Pompeii, I wonder? I don't know who wrote this, but frankly, some of the wording makes me wonder if perhaps English was not his/her first language.


Steve Reeves-Pucci Renaldi:
Riviera Romance

Caption 1: In Rome Steve Reeves dated lovely Pucci Renaldi but it's said he's really stuck on Delphinia Moreland.

Caption 2: They shopped gaily. Steve's next in Morgan the Pirate, Thief of Bagdad, for Embassy Productions.

Caption 3: Recently hospitalized, now living in Rome, Steve enjoys fun of natives but makes frequent trips to America.

Movie Mirror Magazine, Vol 5 No 10, August 1961