Steve Reeves Sound Bytes
Created Dec 2008 - last updated May 2009


His voice was dubbed in all those Italian films, which is too bad because he had a fine voice. The only things in which you can hear his real voice are the various TV appearances he made and in the films Jailbait and Athena. Here are some sound bytes of Steve's REAL voice. They're all in mp3 format. Enjoy!


(As Kimbar)
Koltar, NO! (46K) - Kimbar yells down an attacking panther
Samba no hurt (9K) - Assuring the woman that the chimp won't hurt her
Commissioner (137K) - Entire conversation with the Commissioner
Samba stay with you (41K) - Kimbar evidently using his talking to a child voice to explain to the woman that Samba, the chimp, will protect her
(As Joe Manurki)
The muscle mag scene pt 1 (194K) - Joe shows off his magazine photo
The muscle mag scene pt 2 (85K) - Joe finds his photo torn out of the magazine
The biceps scene (73K) - A ghost feels up Joe's bulging bicep
Cold Bath (10K) - "I'll go run you a cold bath."
The Chimes (27K) - Some confusion with the doorbell and the ghost ...
Gosh no (12K) - "Gosh, no - sorry."
The self defense scene (391K) - Joe attempts to teach Topper self defense
I quit (6K) - "I quit!"
Not ready 1 (22K) - "He threw me when I wasn't ready - and nobody throws me when I'm not ready."
Not ready 2 (15K) - "Everybody throws me when I'm not ready!"
(As Lt. Bob Lawrence)
Intro (22K) - Inspector Johns introduces himself and Detective Lieutenant Lawrence (Steve says "How do you do")
No license (21K) - "Your brother had no license to carry that gun, Miss Gregor - it's against the law."
At the bar pt 1 (107K) - The detectives have stopped off for a drink on the way home and have encountered the two thugs.
At the bar pt 2 (64K) - The brief conversation after the thugs have left the bar.
Sounds good (8K) - "Sounds good to me."
Voice (8K) - "You're raising your voice."
Conversation (155K) - The detectives having a conversation about Dr Gregor and his jerk of a son.
Sure thing (23K) - They've been interviewing a witness and Inspector Johns asks Bob to take her home.
Shave at home (409K) - The famed shirtless scene - Bob has been shaving in the office and as he re-dresses, they discuss the case and Bob's penchant for blonds ...
Blonds (10K) - "Blonds have always been my weakness."
Visit (167K) - Bob pays a visit to the blond ...
In the office (344K) - The detectives discussing the case in the office ... (Notice the sound of a baby crying off screen - we hear that several times - did one of the actors or crew have their baby with them?)
No gentleman (26K) - Uncovering the mystery patient: "We know one thing - no matter who he is, he's no gentleman."
(As Ed Perkins)
Steve Reeves in Athena (295K) - All of his lines from the film.
Acid & Electricity (43K) - Ed complains about Athena avoiding him
Orchid (56K) - Ed has eaten the orchid