Frank Sinatra - The Voice


      It was the voice that first got to me. Rummaging through my parent's old records so I could try out my new record player (my sister's old record player, but it worked great!) ..... My parents didn't play records very often, so it was quite some time before they noticed all the Frank Sinatra (and Dean Martin) records were mysteriously missing .....
      When I was old enough to buy my own records, Sinatra would be a frequent purchase. I can just listen to him sing for hours on end - and my cat likes his voice too! He'll sit and snuggle and purr while the music is playing ..... it's so sweet.
      I have been planning to make a web page devoted to Frank Sinatra for some time now, and am quite distraught to have heard of his passing. One of the great regrets of my life is having missed seeing him perform in concert. I was living in Arlington, Virginia - in the DC Metropolitan Area, when I heard on the radio that Sinatra would be appearing at the Pavillion in Maryland. I immediately went to the Tiketron and bought a ticket, thinking I could take the Metro (subway) to the concert.

I soon realized that the Metro didn't go that far into Maryland yet - and I didn't have a car - couldn't afford a taxi -- I HAD TO MISS IT!!!!
      I still have the ticket to remind me of the time I almost got to see Frank Sinatra in concert.

Last updated or checked 31 August 2002

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