Tom Servo
Last Checked May 2009

Sir Tom

      Is he adorable, or what?! Tom Servo, star of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, is one of the sexiest guys on TV today! I write to him all the time, but he never returns my adoring love letters *sigh*.


Behind the scenes       Ah, well, I understand. He's a big star now, and doesn't have time for every adoring fan, but he should keep in mind that I'm a Klingon with a temper and when I get back from deep space, I'm gonna go looking for him .....

Can I survive without my weekly dose of TOM?!
Alas, nothing could stop the cancellation, but you can still catch re-runs every Saturday on the SciFi Channel - check local listings for times.

      Tom is given voice and personality by a regular guy named Kevin Murphy (Behind the scenes, left). Anyway, the show MST3K first attracted national attention on Comedy Central, but when CCentral canceled it, the SciFi Channel picked it up. Below is a pic of poor Servo on the operating table with SciFi to the rescue!!


      For those of you who have never seen it, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is about a regular guy - used to be Joel Hodgson, but he escaped and now it's Mike Nelson, who has been stranded onboard an orbiting space station - the Satelite of Love (SOL) - by evil scientists. Pearl now heads up the experiments - subjecting Mike and his robot friends, Tom Servo (the cute one) and Crow T Robot (the obnoxious one), to really cheesy movies. The only way the threesome manages to stay sane, is to crack wise about the bad films all the way through. It's a laugh riot!

Mike & the Bots

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