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They Live

      Okay, I'm not a wrestling fan, but that is what Roddy is best known as - a wrestler. I am a fan of his MOVIES, so if you want wrestling info, you won't find it here.
      I recall hearing about the John Carpenter film They Live when it first came out in 1988, but please; Roddy Piper starring? Some wrestler? I did not rush right out to see it. Didn't see it, in fact, until it came on TV.
      What a surprise! Not only is the film pretty good in it's own right, but Roddy Piper is actually good too! And while I wouldn't say it comes anywhere close to being the best movie ever made, I would and do say it contains the all-time BEST fight scene EVER put on film! Not to mention one of the best one-liners ever, which, I heard Piper say in a recent interview, he add-libbed himself ......


Push button to hear one of the best one-liners ever!

Look what I found!!

Figure Figure

Genuine Roddy Piper action figures! Don't look much like him, though. The first one is relatively new - just recently released. The other one I found on eBay. It's solid rubber and a heavy son of a gun! There were evidently other figures released, but I lost the bids on them:

eBay figures

In the Pit And, he has written an autobigraphy too! I haven't gotten a copy yet, but when I do, it will probably be from


Acting Credits

He was born Roderick Toombs on 17 April, 1951, but I'm not sure if that was in Glasgow, Scotland or in Canada. Either way, he grew up in Canada and started wrestling at the early age of *15*!

Another fan named Joe, has sent me his impressions of some of the films I have not seen yet. Thanks, Joe!

His acting credits include:

  • Body Slam (1987) - A cute film about a down and out talent agent played by Dirk Benedict, who somehow finds himself involved in the world of Professional Wrestling. **½
  • Hell Comes To Frogtown (1987) - Another cute film (okay - laugh! Just don't take it too seriously! :-) - about a post apocalyptic Earth in which mutant Frogs are vying for control. Most of Humanity has been rendered sterile, and the future of Man kind seems to be in the, er, hands of a verile man named Hell ..... [snicker] **½
  • They Live (1988) - Great John Carpenter flick about a drifter named Nada who discovers an alien presence on Earth. ***1/2
  • Highlander The Series: "Epitaph for Tommy" (1993) - The scheming daughter of a big shot business man tries to use an Immortal for her own nefarious purposes, but she just doesn't know with what she is dealing. Duncan does, though. (And I want to know where he hid that sword, in his T-Shirt or his jeans?)***
  • Back in Action (1994) - Pretty Good Film (also starring Nigel Bennett as bad guy Cassagion!) about a former Special Forces soldior (Billy Blanks) trying to protect his sister. Piper plays the cop who helps him. Like I said, it's pretty good, except for many of the fight scenes, especially those with Blanks, which are rediculous - one or two blows like that would kill someone, let alone the several dozen thrown! But it's an entertaining, if predictable romp. ***
  • Tough & Deadly (1994) - Piper plays an ex Cop/ Private Investigator/ Bounty Hunter named Elmo Freech who befriends and helps out an amnesiac (Billy Blanks) who turns out to be a CIA agent. Not bad. **½
  • Immortal Combat (1994) - Okay, pretty silly offering that has Piper battling zombies. *½
  • No Contest (1994) - "A Hollywood heroine becomes involved in a real-life drama when a gang of ruffians takes hostages at a beauty pageant." Haven't seen it yet.
  • RoboCop, The Series (1995?) - I've never seen this show, but WJHMH says Piper was in at least one episode as "a wannabe super hero called Commander Cash."
  • Terminal Rush (1995) - AAAARRRRRGGHHH! This movie really sucks. Piper plays a terrorist named Bartel who has weird taste in makeup. Besides the movie itself being just plain bad, they don't even take advantage of Piper's skills! Anyone could have played the part of Bartel. All in all, this one is not worth watching even for a glimpse of Roddy. ½
  • The Bad Pack (1996) - No idea - haven't seen this one yet.
    But, Joe says, "It's not that bad, but Piper is only a minor character in it. It's actually pretty hilarious because most of the movie is a blatant rip-off of the A-Team." He also says he thinks it was filmed just after piper's hip surgery because he spends the movie either sitting or standing in one place.
  • Adventures of Superboy (????) - I've never heard of this show, but Ed Novak says Piper was in at least one episode as "a man who stayed young by stealing the life force from young victims and making them old."
  • Sci-Fighters (1996) - I finally watched this and it's much better than the stupid title would suggest! Billy Drago, who is probably a sweet guy in person, makes such a creepy   creep {shudder}, and Piper is quite good in this, so I give it ***
  • Marked Man (1997) - If this is the one I'm thinking of, it's a pretty good one about a convict who witnesses something in prison, escapes before he is killed, and then must prove what really happened. It's good - he's not "mr. innocent" (he really did what he's in prison for), but he is innocent of what went down and Piper does desperation pretty well. **½
  • Dead Tides (1997) - Well, this turned out to be better than I had thought it would. The bad acting wasn't all THAT bad and Piper looks GOOD - he spends half the film with his shirt off and he has none of his wrestling fat in this one [grin] Piper plays an ex Navy SEAL named Mick Leddy who gets involved with a drug lord and the drug lord's wife ......... He gets beat up a lot and he doesn't get the girl at the end (awwwwww) All-in-all, not too bad! **½
  • Walker, Texas Ranger (1998?) - Okay, finally got to see this, but I missed the beginning, so not sure if it has an ep title or not. Piper plays - surprise surprise - a wrestler called Cody, The Crusader who has had one head injury too many. His ex-wife and son are in danger from a mobster and he's been told he could die if he gets one more good blow to the head. Can he protect his family? Can he win his final wrestling match without dying in the process? Oh, and he does indeed play the pipes in this one! (Scotland, The Brave, I think ...) **
  • Hard Time (1998) - This TNT original stars Burt Reynolds and is not half bad - although rather cliched and predictable. Piper plays a thug named Randy (who gets beat up by Burt Reynolds!) **½
  • Last To Surrender (1998) - Roddy plays Seattle police detective Nick Ford in this funny but cliched film. I enjoyed it, though - especially when Roddy steals the uniform off a really tiny Asian guy, which then happens to fit him perfectly - LOL! It's lots of laughs, though and worth seeing, so go rent the video today! **½
  • Outter Limits: "Small Friends" (1999) - Roddy plays Marlon, a really bad prison inmate. He plays bad so well - and he dies horribly so well too! ***
  • Cybercity (1999) - "In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, an assassin rebels against the ruling factions and spares his victims." Haven't seen it yet.
    Joe says it's a really bad film. In fact, he says, "It's probably the most godawful B movie ever filmed." Piper plays a future televangelist trying to take over the world, but is barely in it. I probably won't be getting this one any time soon. Thanks, Joe!
  • Hostage Hotel (1999) - "Logan McQueen [Burt Reynolds?] tries to save a congressman's wife and daughter, and his former partner, after they are taken hostage." Haven't seen it yet.
  • Cold Case: One Fall (2010) - I saw this by accident - didn't realize he was going to be in it. The Cold case guys are looking into the 20 year old murder of a wrestler and Roddy is one of the suspects. He looks pretty darned good. ***

  • And here are some more I did not have on my list that Joe told me about - Thanks Joe! These are his words:
    • Jungleground (1995) - I forget what it was about, but I thought it was pretty good. I think he took on gang members in a bad part of town or something. Haven't seen it in a while. Waiting to find the DVD for under $5.00.
    • No Contest (1994) - He plays a small part as a henchman in this movie that is basically just a rip-off of Die Hard. Shannon Tweed plays the lead role, so you have a woman hero instead. She can't act, and she can't do action, but she looks pretty hot for an old broad.
    • Moral Code (1997) - This is supposedly a sci-fi film, but it was released only in Europe. It eventually got a US release on VHS last year under the title "First Encouter" but I haven't seen it yet.
    • The Misery Brothers (1995) - I think this is a comedy, but he only has a small part so I never bothered to look for it.
    • The Love Boat:"A Valentine Voyage" (????) He was also in a Love Boat reunion special called "A Valentine Voyage." I've never seen it myself.
    • Tag Team (????) Finally, he did this awesome TV pilot with Jessie Ventura called "Tag Team." It was a show about two retired wrestlers who decide to go to the police academy and become policemen. There is one hilarious scene set in a supermarket. They walk in during a robbery and kick the crap out of the bad guys. They start doing wrestling moves on them to the astonishment of shoppers and onlookers. Really funny stuff.


SLAM! Wrestling Canadian Hall of Fame.
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