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Ian McShane

Ian McShane

Ian McShane - Gorgeous AND Versatile - Heck, he even sings! What's not to love?



All are 1280 x 1024
I know there are quite a few of them - can't help it - give me a DVD and I'm gonna make screen caps and wallpaper. Just wait till I get to work on Lovejoy and Deadwood!

For now, they're also fairly low res too, because I wasn't allowed to have files larger than 250K on my old server. I had run out of space before and had to remove a large portion of my wallpapers, but I can put them back now that I've moved to a new server. Eventually, I will either replace them with higher res versions, OR I will offer both a low res and a high res version of each, but for now, they are still just the low res versions. (I need to make sure all my links work on the new server before worrying about other changes)

No, they're not in any particular order.

Many Faces of Ian McShane [241K]

In The Frame [200K]

Blood Sport [248K]

Twice Shy [215K]

The Battle of Britain Collage [235K]

A Battle of Britain Screen Cap [148K]
Andy has just been fished from the English Channel

Gypsy Girl Collage #1 [205K]

Gypsy Girl Collage #2 [212K]

Scoop collage [194K]

A Scoop screencap [197K]
Joe is speaking to a fellow traveler

The We Are Marshall Collage [225K]

A We Are Marshall Screencap [128K]
Griffen mourning his son

Bollywood Queen Collage [236K]

Hot Rod Collage [239K]

The Seeker collage [236K]

A Seeker Screencap [96K]
Merriman has just told Will, "You are The Seeker"

A Month in the Country Collage [223 K]

Rocket to the Moon collage [177 K]

Lovejoy [181K]

Opening Credit Artwork for Lovejoy [145K]
(Seasons 1, 2-5 and 6)
For more Lovejoy images/wallpapers, see my Lovejoy Page.

Young Tom Lynn [224K]

Tom and Mickey in bed [222K]

Babylon 5: River of Souls [214K]

A Babylon 5 Screen Cap [113K]
Bryson, influenced by the orb, is about to overload the reactor
(I love this one - you can count every whisker & bead of sweat on his face)

A nice Dutch magazine cover I refurbished [227K]

A magazine photo celebrating New Year 1993 [221K]

On stage in Infanticide in the House of Fred Ginger, 1962 [234K]
Ian's very first professional play

On stage with Ian McKellen, Judy Dench and Eileen Atkins in The Promise, 1967 [230K]

On stage in The Admirable Crichton, 1997 [229K]

On stage in The Witches of Eastwick, 2000 [242K]

On stage in The Homecoming, 2007 [231K]

D.R.E.A.M. Team Collage [245K]

Space 1999 "Force of Life" collage [212K]

A Space 1999 Screencap [156K]
Anton peeking around the corner in search of heat

Another Space 1999 Screencap [122K]
Anton resisting the temptation to suck the Force of Life from his wife

Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You Collage [241K]

A Pussycat Screencap [111K]
Fred and his secretary have wandered onto a film location and they've forced him into costume thinking he is an extra

Ian as Madson [219 K]

The Great Riviera Bank Robbery Collage [234K]

A Riviera Screencap [154K]
He smokes too much, but I just like the way the smoke circles around his head ...

A Riviera publicity shot [182 K]

Deadwood [244 K]

A Deadwood Screencap [127 K]

A magazine photo - not really a Deadwood image because Al never carries a gun, but nice [239 K]

A Golden Compass collage [242 K]

Fun at the beach [190K]

More fun at the beach [213K]

Disraeli artwork [226K]

A publicity shot from Disraeli [160K]



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