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Ian McShane

Ian McShane

Ian McShane - Gorgeous AND Versatile - Heck, he even sings! What's not to love?


He has done several audio books - some Lovejoy and some Dick Francis Mystery novels, but I don't have a list available - yet.


Harry Brown (Circa 1962) (Vinyl 45)
Ian recorded this just after making the film The Wild and the Willing in 1962. What I have is a demo record sent to radio stations - was it ever sold commercially? He recorded two folk songs heard in the film, though I'm told he did NOT sing them in the film. I don't have a working turntable right now and have not been able to hear these yet - ooooooooh, it's so frustrating!

Track List:
  1. Harry Brown
  2. The Tinker

Odds Against by Dick Francis (Circa 1990) (Audio Book)
It's an audio book. I don't usually like audio books all that much, but Ian has a pleasant speaking voice and the book was written in first person, which always helps. Some readers have voices that drone on, but Ian is animated enough to make it interesting without being silly. I enjoy listening to it. He must have recorded this around the time he was portraying David Cleveland in the Dick Francis Mysteries.

Sid Halley, a former world-class steeplechase jockey forced to retire from racing because of a severe riding injury that rendered his left hand useless and disfigured, now leads a very uneventful life as an employee of Hunt Radnor Associates, a private detective agency. Assigned with only minor tasks in the racing division, Sid is far different from the driven and ambitious jockey he once was.

While sitting in for another detective on a "routine" set-up operation, Sid is shot. During recovery, he learns of a complex and dangerous scheme involving the notorious buisnessman Howard Kraye and his unscrupulous associates who are trying to take over a local racetrack by using bribes and sabotage. How can he stop Kraye from turning the track into a housing development? Sid will need all the determination and persistence that made him a great jockey to overcome his ruthless and decidedly savage adversary.

[Sample 346K (approx 1 minute)]

From Both Sides Now (Circa 1992) (Music CD/Vinyl 45)
Yep, he sings! I saw this and thought, "Oh, no, not another actor who thinks he can sing," but I was pleasantly surprised. The album itself is very mellow and his voice is quite smooth and easy - I listen to this all the time when I want to relax. I'm listening to it right now, as a matter of fact. It's great! The image to the right is the cover of the 45 single. (Astericked [*] tracks below are on the single).

NOTE: I recently got my hands on the CD maxi single which has a third track not found on the album called GOOD OLD DESK.

Track List:
  1. Avalon*
  2. Fool If You Think It's Over
  3. This Guy's In Love With You*
  4. I'd Really Love To See You Tonight     [Sample 340K (approx 1 minute)]
  5. From Both Sides Now
  6. I Don't Mind
  7. I'm not In Love
  8. I Could Have Been A Sailor
  9. Drive
  10. Every Breath You Take
  11. Reason To Believe
  12. Bluer Than Blue
  13. A Little In Love
  14. The Shadow Of Your Smile

The Witches of Eastwick Original London Cast Soundtrack Recording (Circa 2000) (Music CD)
I kind of wish I could have seen this, but of course, a trip to London to take in a play is a bit out of my financial league. It sounds a total hoot. McShane played Daryll Van Horne (aka, The Devil) and his singing here is much more flamboyant than the mellow album above.

Track List:
  1. Overture
  2. Eastwick Knows
  3. Make Him Mind
  4. I Love A Little Town     [Sample 384K (approx 1 minute)]
  5. Eye Of The Beholder
  6. Waiting For The Rain To Begin
  7. Words, Words, Words
  8. Dirty Laundry
  9. I Wish I May
  10. Another Night AT Darryl's
  11. Something
  12. Dance With The Devil
  13. Evil
  14. Loose Ends
  15. Who's The Man?
  16. The Wedding
  17. Something (reprise)
  18. Look At Me



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