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Ian McShane

Ian McShane

Ian McShane - Gorgeous AND Versatile - Heck, he even sings! What's not to love?

I've tried to keep the image files small, but this page just became too image intensive, so I have broken it up into several pages to make it easier to download. For your convenience, links to the other pages will appear at the top and bottom of each page. I'm on a new server now that allows MP3 files and have added samples of Ian's singing. I hope to add a sound bytes page soon featuring some of my fave lines as well. Hope you enjoy!

Your Ian McShane page is awesome!
Keep up the good work!
I think your page is the only one out there for us McShaneiacs!

-- KT



Mini Biography
Ian McShane was born 29 September 1942 in Lancashire, England. (If you're into Zodiac type stuff, that makes him a Libra born in the year of the Horse). His father, Harry McShane, was a famous football player (soccer for us Yanks) and played for Manchester United. (Ian can often be seen drinking from a Manchester United mug in many of his projects - or maybe just in Lovejoy? It's fun to look for it, anyway - see photos below). He enjoyed playing soccer himself, but knew he could never match his Dad so went into acting instead.

He attended the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) with such other notables as Anthony Hopkins and John Hurt. He and John Hurt starred in their first movie together - The Wild and The Willing (aka Young and Willing). He had to leave RADA a couple weeks before graduation in order to do the film, but they gave him his diploma anyway. He and John Hurt made their professional stage debut together too - also in 1962 - in a play called "Infanticide in the House of Fred Ginger." I've read that he performed in his first play, first film and first television series in the same year (1962). The IMDb has an episode of Armchair Theatre listed for 1962, so I'm thinking that must have been his first TV role? Anyone know if John Hurt was in that too? (grin) [IMDb doesn't list Hurt in the credits for that, but it's not necessarily complete.]

He's perfect as the charming leading man type, but he's equally perfect as the villainous street thug type too. Most bio's list him as being 5'9", but I have it on pretty good authority that he is really more like 5'7". Either way, he is smaller than most of the guys he goes up against, but he is so damned convincing as a tough guy, it's easy to believe he could rip your throat out. The first thing I probably noticed him in was a film called Sitting Target. I don't remember a whole lot about it now, it was so long ago that I saw it, but I do remember being frightened by Oliver Reed's character and enamoured with Ian McShane. What can I say? It's the dark curly hair and the smouldering eyes that seem to change color depending on his mood.

When I find a magazine article, I will scan it and post it here so maybe you can learn more from them. They're not always accurate, though - I transcribe them just as they are in the magazines, but if I notice errors, I will point them out.
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** LINKS **
There really aren't any other sites out there devoted to Ian McShane alone. There was another fan site that simply vanished one day - unfortunately, before I had a chance to view it all. I check back now and then to see if it has returned, but not yet. I plan to go back and find all the articles and stuff that I've read on the net and include their links too, but for now, this is it:

McShane's IMDb Listing
Wikipedia Entry
My Photo Gallery
With more photos of Ian McShane
A Fellow Fan's Photo Album at Flickr
(Try saying THAT 5 times fast!)



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