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       Lucien LaCroix, sire to Janette and Nicholas, was himself brought across in 79 AD - the day Mount Vesuvius erupted and destroyed the city of Pompeii. An egotistical Roman General (despite the fact he's 6'2" and has blue eyes), Lucius was brought across by, ironically enough, Divia - his mortal daughter.
       He is the oldest vampire we meet in the show. Divia may have been a vamp for a few days longer, but LaCroix was already older. Anyway, he is very very powerful - as is demonstrated by the fact that he survives having a burning hunk of wood shoved through his heart (OUCH!) He is sometimes harsh, but he really loves his "children" and really goes out of his way for Nick on numerous occasions.


Lucien LaCroix, the sensual ancient vampire everyone loves to hate (and love), is played by actor Nigel Bennett. Born in England, Mr. Bennett now makes his home in Canada.

His other acting credits include:

  • Friday The 13th: The Series - "The Butcher" - 1987 (Rausch, aka Karl Steiner):
    Nigel playes Rausch, The Butcher - a Nazi thug with a liking for barbed wire who was destined to be Hitler's sucessor if all had gone according to The Master Plan. A "scientist" named Mueller brings Rausch back to life with an ancient amulet and sends the reanimated butcher out to kill all the men responsible for Mueller's downfall - including Jack Marshak, who had killed Rausch with his own barbed wire ....... It's an interesting episode - centered around Marshak, whom I've always liked, and Nigel does a great job as The Butcher - who is sidelining as ......... a talk radio host! I guess he just has the voice for it. (***)

  • Kung Fu: The Legend Continues - "Banking Hours" - 1992 (Captain Jack Lasher):
    I don't know if he had a recurring role in this series or not, but I just caught this episode and Lasher is pretty much a hard-nosed loudmouth SWAT Commander. In this episode, which also guest stars David Hemmings, "high-tech bank robbers take more than 20 hostages. Too bad for the robbers that one of the hostages is Caine." According to the IMDb, Nigel was in two more eps: "Straitjacket" and "May I Talk with You." (***)

  • Back in Action - 1994 (Kasajian):
    This film, while obviously a "B" movie, is none-the-less GREAT! Okay, maybe not great, but lots of fun - be sure to catch the acupunture scene with Nigel and Roddy Piper - what a hoot! (***)

  • Legends of the Fall - 1994 (Asgaard):
    I had to watch the video of this film starring Brad Pitt all the way through TWICE in order to find Nigel. It's a good film, but I didn't really *want* to watch it twice in one sitting. Don't blink, because Nigel isn't on screen for very long and you might miss him - he's the guy Pitt's character goes hunting with. (***)

  • Soft Deceit - 1994 (Ed McCullough):
    This film starring Patrick Bergin is a MUST SEE for Nigel's nude scene. *Very* tastefully done and the man is BUILT (WooHoo!). You must pay attention, though, as the story is very twisty-turny and confusing. (***)

  • The Shamrock Conspiracy - 1995 (Dennis Malloy):
    If this is the film I'm thinking of, Nigel dies a very horrible death. I think it stars Edward Woodward. (***)

  • Where's The Money, Noreen? - 1995 (Detective Emmett Briscoe):
    This is really a pretty bad film. Nigel does a decent job of playing the creep, but it really is a pretty bad film about a young woman involved in a bank heist. (*)

  • Psi Factor: Chronicals of the Paranormal - 1996-1999 (Frank Elsinger):
    Nigel had a recurring role on this show as the OSIR Director - a no-nonsense, ruthless man who sometimes seems to have his own agenda, but who is not without feeling and compassion. (***)

  • Murder at 1600 - 1997 (Burton Cash):
    This is a pretty good film, as I recall, and stars Wesley Snipes. (**½)

  • John Woo's Once a Thief - 1997 (Nicholas Love):
    This is a highly enjoyable episode with Nigel playing a lunatic and John Kapelos playing the lacky who loves him - wonderful bath scene. (***½)

  • La Femme Nikita - "Rescue" - 1997 (Colonel Petrosian):
    I missed the first 10 minutes or so of this - only caught it when I spied Nigel while channel surfing (blush). I never really watched Nikita, but Nigel played the head of the Russian Secret Police. He turns out to be a double agent, though, and the team supposedly sent in to rescue Michael, turns out to be really after Petrosian. I thought maybe he was a semi regular, but the IMDb only lists him as appearing in one other Nikita episode - called "New Regime." (**½)

  • Earth: Final Conflict - 1998 (Major Ray McIntyre):
    Three eps: "Live Free or Die," "Pandora's Box," "Law and Order." Nigel plays an honorable soldier in search of justice. Pretty good part and pretty good eps. (***)

  • The Outside Chance of Maxamillian Glick - 1998(?) (Derek Blackthorne):
    This is a delightful look at the life of a twelve year old Jewish Boy in small town Canada. Nigel plays the piano teacher. (***)

  • One Tough Cop - 1998:
    Stephen Baldwin looks and acts so much like his brother Alec in this one, it's eerie. Nigel plays one of the senior Police Officers who presides over the inquirey and doesn't have much air time, unfortunately. Looks good in uniform, though! (**)

  • Total Recall 2070 - "Eye Witness" - 1999 (Jake?):
    Nigel plays head of Security at some big corporation. It's kind of funny seeing him slapped around by the little bitty guy who plays Calley (who is also named Bennett, oddly enough - Mathew Bennett) Anyway, I'm hoping he'll show up in later episodes too. (***)


  • Lexx 2000-2001 (Prince):
    • Season 3 - Eight eps: "Fire & Water," "May," "Gametown," and something about "K Town." Plus "Tunnels," "Battle," "The Beach" and the season 3 finale "Heaven and Hell." This is a very silly series shown on the SciFi Channel, but Nigel plays Prince, Lord of the Planet Fire. He was killed early in "May" but still managed an appearance in Gametown - apparently none the worse for wear. He is now seen in the opening sequence, so he may just be a semi-regular now. And he dies AGAIN in "Tunnels." Stanley: "Are you dying?" Prince: "Yes, but I'm getting used to it." LOL! And now he is back in "Battle" - in which he dies TWICE in one episode! He's like Kenny!! LOL! Actually, it appears he is the Prince of Darkness and Fire is Hell. And this was confirmed in the season finale, "Heaven and Hell" in which both Fire and Water were destroyed. Seems Prince is headed for Earth now - Look out!

    • Season 4 - and he is still a semi-regular! Now on Earth, in season premiere
      •     Ep 4:01 "Little Blue Planet" Prince seems to be the director of the ATF and a top advisor for the idiot President of the USofA. Strange probes from outter space arrive ...
      •     Ep 4:02 "Texx Lexx" - Astronaut as Prince leaves them floating in space: "Why are you doing this, Mr. Prince?" Prince: "Because I'm bad." LOL! Kai and Xev crash land in Texas: Kai meets up with a secret organization of people trying to leave Earth before it blows up, while Xev meets up with some loony Texans. Meanwhile, Prince captures Stanley.
      •     Ep 4:03 "P4X" - Craig Charles plays the warden of the prison Xev is sent to. Prince dies - again - but he doesn't stay dead: Stan: "So, you were mortal, afterall. Heh heh heh, weren't ya, Prince?" Prince: "Don't be so sure, Stanley. However, I do now better understand the meaning of the word *pain*" ... Craig Charles and his wife are attacked by those strange probes.
      •     Ep 4:04 "Stan Down" - Is Prince's first name now Izanbar? Stan and the LEXX blow up Orlando, Florida and the President appoints Stanley King of New Foundland. Prince: "You have to be punished. ... Have you ever been to Dallas?"
      •     Ep 4:05 "Xevivor" - 790 (HATE that stupid robot head!) arranges for Xev to be the center of a REAL TV show back on Earth - where hunks compete to spend an evening with her - and arranges for Stan to be one of the contestants too - LOL! Well, this is just to get Kai alone with him, but Kai has business of his own back on Earth. Meanwhile, those strange probes from outer space appear to be carrots with legs ... Don't ask me - tribute to The Thing?
      •     Ep 4:06 "The Rock" - Prince is trying to keep the LEXX in Earth orbit so he can get away after he screws up the Earth to his satisfaction. Meanwhile, Stanley tries to claim his throne in New Foundland and Kai wants to go to Transylvania to study vampires. Watch out for Brud Parsnip! He's a "bad man."
      •     Ep 4:09 "Fluff Daddy" - Prince is still trying to keep the LEXX in orbit so he can use it as his escape when he's ready. Meanwhile, Xev goes into Cluster Lizard heat and Stan loses the key. Oh yeah, and that Devine Executioner (aka Vlad) has been released again.
      •     Ep 4:12 "Bad Carrot" - This show just gets stupider and stupider. Prince is dealing with the alien carrot probes and has gone to the Lexx with the President and First Lady Bunny to escape the probes - only one of them is already infected. Lots of flatulance and anal probing ....
      •     Ep 4:13 "769" - Prince and 790 figure out one of the Moth breeders has the key to the Lexx and they strike a deal. Prince transplants 790 onto the moth breeder (and then transplants the largest ... no, never mind ...) Well, it gets quite smutty and Prince is killed - again.
      •     Ep 4:16 "Moss" - Prince has returned - but only on a TV set, which makes no sense since he has already died once on Earth and returned normally. Now, though, he seems able only to reappear on the TV set at the White House.
      •     Ep 4:17 "Dutch Treat" - The LEXX eats Holland.
      •     Ep 4:18 "The Game" - Kai and Prince agree to play a chess game for high stakes. If Kai wins, Prince will give him back his soul and if Prince wins, Xev and Stan will die. They play in an alternate universe and Kai wins, but Prince vanishes without giving Kai his prize.
      •     Ep 4:22 "Trip" - Prince returns as a sort of vision. The plant aliens send the LEXX crew a little gift, which turns out to be laced with LSD or something - what a trip! (And what a slashy love scene! Grrrwwwlllll)
      •     Ep 4:23 "Lyka vs Japan" - A giant Lyka eats most of Tokyo and Prince is some sort of intergalactic weather man.
      •     Ep 4:24 "Yo Way Yo" (Series Finale) - Prince figures out he is Death and he appears to people just before they die. He appears aboard the LEXX, but for whom? Well, the LEXX has reached the end of his natural life span and is dying. Prince does indeed give Kai back his soul, so Kai is once again truely alive - long enough to die while destroying the alien mother ship - thus saving the rest of this universe. Unfortunately, that doesn't save Earth, because that no good 790 tricks the LEXX into blowing up the planet. The LEXX dies, but in so doing, he/she/it gives birth to a baby LEXX. So the series ends with Stan and Xev aboard the new Baby LEXX and that rotten 790 getting his - it seems like he is eaten by the new LEXX.
      •     (**½)

  • The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne - "The Black Glove of Melchizedek" - 2001 (Fogg's nameless friend):
    I think this is also a silly show, but my boyfriend likes it and I was happily surprised to find Nigel in an episode. He won't be returning, cuz he dies quite horribly - then again, stranger things have happened. Anyway, he is bald and covered in strange tattoos in this one which has to do with a magical (evil) glove. (**½)

  • All Souls - "[Episode?]" - 2001 (Barney Wheelock):
    This is a UPN show and I had never seen it before. I missed the very start of the episode, so I don't know the ep title and I don't know just what kind of guy Nigel's character was before hand. While in the hospital, though, Barney has a near death experience where he meets Roger who possesses him and makes him kill his wife and children. Oh, yeah, Nigel makes a great looney! This was an interesting episode - maybe I will watch the show again sometime. (***)

  • Jesse Stone: Sea Change - 2007 (Harrison Pendelton):
    I kind of like these TV movies starring Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone based on the books by Robert Parker. As I recall, Nigel is a sleezy yachtsman in this who likes to video tape himself raping teenage girls. Yeah, not a particularly nice guy. Charming, but a sleeze. (***)



He writes too - a trilogy of vampire novels in collaboration with P.N. Elrod
Cover images are scans of my own copies
Keeper of the King
His Father's Son
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For my reviews of these books, see my Nigel Book Page

Be sure to visit the official Nigel Bennett Web Site at Black Hat Productions.

Nigel's IMDb listing.

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