Jack of All Trades

JEAN CLAUDE! Star of Jack of All Trades

Jean Hear JC say hello! (52K)

Ah, but what would Jack and Emelia do without the intrepid Jean Claude?

In MP3 format

  • Jean From Floundering Father (275K)
  • Jean From The People's Dragoon (232K)
  • Jean From X Marquis The Spot (349K)
  • Jean From Up the Creek (383K)
  • Jean From Raging Bully (462K)
  • Jean From Daddy Dearest (184K)

Now, the end credits of Jack of All Trades lists: "Shemp Wooley as The voice of Jean-Claude" You and I both know that is a completely fictitious name (you don't think Bruce Campbell is the voice of JC, do you?) What do you think?!

Jean    Jack & JC

Alas, Jack of All Trades has been given the axe. May Jack - and JC - live forever in re-runs!

Jean Hear JC exit! (22K)

JC Windows wallpaper! Click on the thumbnail for a larger image - 1024x768 (185K)

Last updated 20 June 2001