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True, Commander Ed Straker had been a pilot and astronaut with the USAF and Colonel Alec Freeman had been a bomber pilot with the RAF. In 1980, however, Foster (a former civilian test pilot) is younger, stronger, more daring -- and more head strong -- than his two elders. In short, Foster is SHADO's bad boy.

He was recruited into SHADO because he had witnessed a "Ufoe Incident" and had then doggedly persued the "truth" until Straker had to decide whether to "eliminate" the pest or recruit him. I, for one, am certainly glad he chose the latter.

Paul On SkyDiver

Paul In the Sauna
       Portrayed by Michael Billington, is there any wonder he's my favourite?!

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  • Exposed, in which Foster first appears.
  • Ordeal, in which Foster is abducted by aliens.
  • Court Martial, in which Foster is . . . court martialed.
  • Kill Straker, in which Foster tries to . . . kill Straker.
  • Survival, in which Foster is stranded on the Lunar surface with an alien.
  • Conflict, in which Foster deliberately disobeys a direct order.

Well, those are the episodes I can readily recall in which Paul played a key part.

  • KGB: The Secret War - A pretty good Cold War film in which Mike plays a very sexy Soviet agent. (I suggest fast forwarding through the dreadful propoganda intro which has nothing to do with the film)
  • The Spy Who Loved Me - He's a sexy Soviet Agent - again - But look quick, because Bond kills him in the first 15 minutes!
  • An episode of Magnum PI in which he plays . . . a sexy Soviet agent -- is there a pattern forming here??
  • The latest thing I've seen him in is an episode of Maigret - "Maigret and the Night Club Dancer" in which he plays . . . no, not a sexy Soviet agent, but a sexy French . . . pimp? (It's really quite unclear just what his profession is), but we don't get to see much of him here, either, darn it!

In Memorium: Michael Billington 1941-2005

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