L-R: Jayne, Wash, Mal and Zoe



  Okay, Firefly is a class of space ship. The spacehip in question is a Firefly class called Serenity.

  • Mal - CAPTAIN
  • Zoe - FIRST MATE
  • Wash - PILOT (Zoe's husband)
  • Kaylee - MECHANIC
  • Jayne - MERCENARY
  • Dr. Simon Tam - DOCTOR
  • Inara - a high-priced prostitute
  • River Tam - Simon's mentally disturbed sister
  • Shepherd Book - a preacher

The story line is this: Mal and Zoe fought together in the civil war - on the losing side. The definitive battle at which the Alliance defeated the Independants was at a place called Serenity (hence the name of Mal's ship) Mal, Zoe and crew are now basically smugglers and the series is about their adventures on the run from the Alliance.

It was kind of a western in space. I really liked the show, but it didn't last long, darn it.




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