FARSCAPE is the story of one John Crighton - astronaut. He comes up with a mathematical formula of how to genherate enough power to zoom out into deep space and the show starts with him taking the experimental ship out for the first test run. Well, it works - all too darned well. He accidentally generates a wormhole and hurtles halfway across the universe, right into the middle of a battle. He is accidently responsible for the death of a "Peacekeeper and is then pulled aboard a ship. A living ship named Moira which was a Peacekeeper prison ship until the inmates took it over.

The Peacekeeper John inadvertantly killed was the brother of a nasty piece of work named CRAIS, who has now vowed to hunt John down to the ends of the universe. On board MOIRA (she's a Leviathan) are: PILOT - a multi-limbed creature actually fused into the Leviathan; ZHANN - a blue-skinned plant creature who had been imprisoned for violence, but who has now embraced the spiritual order of her people; D'ARGO - a big, violent guy falsely convicted of killing his wife; RYGEL - a little frog-like guy who rides around in a hover chair who was king of his people until a rival deposed him and turned him over to the Peacekeepers; and AERIN - one of the Peacekeeper guards who ends up joining them when Craise orders her arrested for having too much contact with the prisoners. Later, CHIANA joins - she's a sort of space hippy - she and D'ARGO become close. Still later, we meet STARK - a sort of creepy character with strange mind powers - he and ZHANN become close; and JEWEL - a strange woman whose screach can melt metal. A new villain called SCORPIUS eventually arrives - he hunts John even more vehemently than Crais because he wants the wormhole technology John has in his head.

The show ended abruptly, but they made a movie to wrap things up.

Rygel is my fave character

The banner photo up top depicts:
TOP LEFT to RIGHT: Chiana, Zhann, John, Aerin, D'Argo, Rygel, Jewel
BOTTOM LEFT to RIGHT: Scorpius, Crais

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Last updated or checked May 2009