Forever Knight


      Forever Knight is centered around the character of Nick Knight, a Toronto police detective who also happens to be a vampire. Brought across (made a vampire) almost 800 years ago, Nick now desires to be mortal again. [In season two,] he works the night shift with his partner, Detective Don Schanke; hoping to, in a small way, "repay society for his sins." Schanke does not know of his partner's true "condition." As far as he knows, Nick simply has a severe sun allergy, which is so severe, in fact, that he may be kicked off the force if their superiors found out just how extreme it is; so Schanke keeps his secret - ostensibly from their boss, Police Captain Amanda Cohen.
      Doctor Natalie Lambert, the local coroner, is one of the few mortals who does know of Nick's true nature, and she is trying to "cure" him. She thinks she loves him, but, of course, Nick could never love her back without destroying her.
      Among the vampire community, Janette is the only one Nick can truly trust. She and Nick spent 95 years together before his love for her became too much and she left him. She now owns a fashionable night club called the "Raven," which is a favorite hang out for vampires of all kinds.
      Lucian Lacroix is the vampire who brought both Janette and Nick across. He is a very old and very powerful immortal who tries to get Nick to simply drop his burden of guilt and accept what he is: an immortal killer of men. His attempts at instruction, however, are sometimes less than subtle. He is often considered the nasty one on the show; but he loves Nick, none the less, and he does still have human feelings somewhere deep down in his jaded heart.



      An original two-hour pilot film called Nick Knight was aired on CBS in August of 1989. Starring Rick Springfield as vampire detective Nick Knight, it "failed to muster the support needed at that time to become a full-fledged series." Remade in 1992, however, as a two-part pilot episode called "Dark Knight," it was then picked up as part of the CBS late night programming referred to as "Crimetime after Primetime."
      After the first season, the series, which was now called Forever Knight, was slated for cancellation, but "marathon letter writing sessions and numerous phone calls [from fans] resulted in Tri-Star reviving the show in syndication." Trouble loomed again after the second season, when executive producer James D. Parriot noticed a lack of interest at the spring television buying convention in Los Angeles. Recalling how loyal the fans had been when the series was scheduled to be canceled after the first season, Parriot called upon them once again for help. He announced his plea over the computer Internet and the resulting response rescued the show a second time. The fans were so enthusiastic, in fact, that "Mr. Parriot was forced to send a second request via the Internet asking that fans *stop* calling their local television stations."
      Unfortunately, the series has since been canceled once again, and the enthusiasm of the fans has not been enough to rescue it a third time. The series had been picked up by the USA Network for it's third season run, but USA did not even aire all 22 episodes; the final four having been seen on the SciFi Channel instead.