Harry, The Doctor & Sarah-Jane
This is a scene from the very first episode I ever saw - The Ark in Space

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The Doctor is a Time Lord - an alien from the planet Gallifrey. He has two hearts and a secondary respiratory system and he can regenerate a new body upon death. (Neat trick to explain the new actor, isn't it?) But he can only do this 12 times, although, his arch enemy, the Master, has managed to cheat that limitation on more than one occasion. Time Lords can travel through time in a ship called the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space), which is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. TARDIS' are equiped with a chameleon circuit so they can transform into a shape that will blend in to the surrounding area, but the Doctor's TARDIS has been frozen into the form of a blue Police Call Box.

Originally, the Doctor was exiled to Earth because he would insist on interfering in planetary affairs. Time Lords are supposed to only observe and not interfere, but the Doctor is fascinated with humans and butts in on a regular basis. He used to work as a consultant to a military organization called UNIT, commanded by Brigidair Lethbridge-Stewart. Eventually, he earned back the right to travel freely again and it was off to the stars! He's had various companions - usually pretty young women - some of whom have been more hindrance than help.

The Doctor - All of them.

Peter Cushing
1965 & 1966
Not usually counted when naming the Doctors, he never-the-less played the Doctor in two films: Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965) and Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. (1966). It has been a while since I have seen either of them, but I seem to recall his Doctor was a sort of absent-minded professor type. I'm not altogether sure he was an alien in the films - he may have been an actual absent-minded professor who invented the TARDIS, but, like I said, been a while, so I guess I need to re-watch these, huh?

William Hartnell
He was kind of a cranky old man and I haven't seen many of his episodes.

Patrick Troughton
He was more of a clown, really - kind of goofy.

Jon Pertwee
He had a fantastic rubbery face and could make outrageous facial expressions. (And the only Doctor with tattoos?)

Tom Baker
The first Doctor I ever saw, he had a certain flair - not to mention that fantastic smile. He was a happy-go-lucky Doctor.

Peter Davison
He was the cute and sensitive Doctor.

Colin Baker
Totally nuts. His regeneration didn't go so well and he would always be slightly mad.

Sylvester McCoy
Another clownish Doctor, but devious and fun.

Paul McGann
Adorable and charming, but we only see him through one movie - I think he may be the first Doctor to actually kiss his companion?

Christopher Eccleston
His Doctor was just so cool - I mean, the black leather jacket says it all, right? A darker, broodier Doctor - lots of angst.

David Tennant
I've grown to really like this Doctor - He seems to have a sort of WOW attitude - as if life is one big WOW. He's fun. Sorry to see him go.

Matt Smith
I know nothing about him as I have not seen any of his episodes yet, but he looks impossibly young, doesn't he?

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