Con reports and some pictures I have taken (or had taken - or purchased) at conventions over the years.

Creation Con, New Haven, Connecticut, 1987: George Takei

Sulu This was my very first con. I was living in New Haven at the time and the con was within walking distance - I decided I couldn't miss it! I didn't know what to expect. George Takei spoke about Trek, of course, and as I recall, he told the real story about his sword attack upon James Doohan during filming of "The Naked Time" episode. He was very friendly and open - I was way at the end of the autograph line and he was still very pleasant by the time I made it up there! While waiting in line, I made friends with a guy named Steve. Unfortunately, I had no camera with me, so no photos; and I only stayed one day. All-in-all, my first con was fun!

Creation Con, New York, New York, 1987: Robert Vaughn, James Doohan & Terry Nation

Vaughn Me & Steve My second con! I took a train to New York for this one and my sister insisted I was crazy to do that. I met Steve there - that's why I went, because I knew there would be someone I'd know there (yeah, yeah - I'd only known him from 20 minutes in line! See pic) Anyway, this one was much bigger than the one in New Haven, of course. Robert Vaughn was making his very first con appearance and I think he was a little overwhelmed with the number of people there. He didn't sign autographs, as he had presigned some photos for the con beforehand, but one industrious lad Scotty came up with a photo from "Teenage Caveman," Vaughn got flustered and said, "Oh, my god, where'd you find that?" and he signed it for the kid. He spoke mainly about filming "The Magnificent Seven" and the rivalry that went on between Steve McQueen and Yul Brenner. I still didn't have a camera, but Steve did and the photos I have were taken by him.
    James Doohan wowed the audience with all the various accents he could do, but he really had nothing nice to say about William Shatner, which irked me a little as I'm a Shatner fan too. I got him to autograph a photo of Scotty playing the bag pipes.
    And then there was a fella by the name of Terry Nation. I knew him as the guy responsible for the Daleks of Doctor Who fame, for which I thought perhaps he should have been shot. Today he talked mostly about some show called "Blake's 7." I had never heard of it, but it sounded cool. Steve would eventually get me hooked when he sent me the eps on tape. This guy fascinated me and I got Nation myself second in the autograph line behind a woman dressed as Travis. I hadn't seen the show yet, so I didn't know she was dressed as Travis - I just thought she was exceedingly weird. Mr. Nation had to put on his eye glasses to see what he was signing when I put down my train ticket stub, which amused us both.
    Well, my second con was fun too, despite the moron dressed in a very nice Doctor Who costume who was quite rude when I spoke to him (why put on a costume if you don't want to be spoken to?) I only stayed the one day there too - took the evening train home.

Creation Con, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1989: George Takei

Me & Gordon I went to this con with my friend Gordon and I had a camera by now. George Takei told us it was not the first time he had been to Arkansas, as he had been interned in a Japanese American concentration camp during WWII - Jeesh, how depressing is Takei that? He was friendly and outgoing as ever and I got my picture taken with him (I can't do that Vulcan salute, though) I saw my first fan dressed as a Klingon here, which started me thinking Just the one day here, too, then off back home! (I was living in Arkansas at the time)

Creation Con, Crystal City, Virginia, 1991: James Doohan

Living in Virginia now!! I called in sick to work for this one (shhhhhhhhh!) I swear, I think James Doohan was drinking a wee bit - well, the tiny Doohan
airline bottles of Scotch kind of tipped me off. He was friendly and actually well, huggy (see photo) I was wearing a Scotty T-Shirt and I asked if he would autograph it - he said, only if I took it off first. HA! Well, I was wearing a tank top under it, so I could have, but I was too damned shy.

Creation Con, Crystal City, Virginia, 1991: William Shatner

Shatner Different con. I had this day off already. William Shatner was cool, but MY CAMERA BROKE! AAAARRGGGGGGGGGH! I got no photos. (sob wimper) He spoke of practical jokes they used to play on eachother on the set of Trek and he talked about some horse shows and commercials he had done.
    He said how he teased Deforest Kelly on the set of whatever film they had just made. Kelly had always expressed a certain fear of becoming forgetful in his old age. Every day, on the set, there was a breakfast buffet set up and every morning, Kelly would come in and put a bagel or something in the toaster. Well, Shatner had one of the crew distract Kelly, while he removed the bagel, so that when the toaster popped up, there was nothing in there. Kelly would grumble and mumble and put in another and try again - I think they went through several bagels before Kelly figured it out. (grin)
    I recall him telling us about a public service commercial he made about saving the eagles. He had to hold this eagle on his outstretched arm while saying his lines, only the eagle wanted to climb up his arm. By the time he came to the end of his lines, the eagle was off the protective glove and digging his talons into his arm and the bird's face was quite close to his and he was yelling his lines very quickly ....... Ouch!
    I seem to remember he told us about a horse show that he was late for and his car broke down, but no one would pick him up and he had to walk all the way there, but I'm not sure I've recalled that correctly. (Oddly, I had a dream the other night that William Shatner was stranded on the highway and no one would pick him up - I woke up before I could stop and pick him up ...)
    All-in-all, he seemed quite at ease, friendly and open - I like him!

KlinKon, Tyson's Corner, Virginia, 1991: Marc Okrand, Todd Bryant, Spice Williams, Arne Starr, Howard Weinstein, Jean Kluge, Ed Miarecki

Ears Todd & Spice And this was the first big fan-run con I ever attended. I went both days, but didn't stay at the hotel - I lived nearby and so took a bus to the con. I wasn't dressed as a Klingon yet, at this point - I guess I was Vulcan and all I had was the pointed ears, but that was enough to attract some stares on the bus - HA! Well, my camera was still broken and so I used one of those disposable cameras - bad idea ...
    Let's see, Marc Okrand spoke of his involvement with Trek and how he created the Klingon language. He was Klingons
interesting. (Pictured with Qeldas) Todd Bryant and Spice Williams were cool - hard to believe they were the people beneath the makeup as Klaa and Vixis in STV! They were both quite friendly and seemed to enjoy the attention of the Klingon fans. (Boy, I want to look like Spice some day!)
    Arne Starr is a comic book artist, Howard Weinstein is a novelist and Jean Kluge is a wonderful fan artist. I got their autographs. There was a model-maker there named Ed Miarecki, who showed a slide show of the creation of a Star Trek ship - that was interesting, but I knew nothing about model-making then (I mean, I know next-to-nothing now!)
    I had a blast there! The fan-run con was more laid back and more friendly, but I understand they lost money on it and had some thinking to do about whether or not to have another.

RocKon 16, Little Rock, Arkansas 1992: Ummmmmm - nobody I knew

Klingon High Council    My first uniform

Party I was a Klingon by now, and went to visit with other Klingons that I had written to in the past. It was a blast walking around Little Rock in full dress uniform with a big bunch of other Klingons. I was coerced to enter my first costume contest (I'm shy!) and all the contestants received an autographed copy of Lois McMaster Bujold's book Barrayar. She was the guest of honor, but I had never heard of her. No, I didn't win the costume contest, but as we stayed at the hotel Friends that night, I did get to witness my first con hotel party! I, uhhhh, blew up my parent's car on the way home .....

I came to this con with friends - Cindy and Shonte (seen in pic with a couple Klingons). Unfortunately, Shonte (on the right) was killed several years later in a car crash. She was the kind of woman who could always make you feel better. Not that she was happy all the time (can't stand people who are happy all the time), but no matter what was going on, she could make you laugh and make everything seem better. I miss her a lot.

Midsouth Con 12, Memphis, Tennessee, 1993: Were there guests?

Klinwoman Klingon Borg

Ummmmm, I was high on pain killers from dental surgery when I came here, so don't really have any memory of it. I don't seem to have a program for it, either, so no idea. I know Kirok and I won something in the costume contest - like Honerable Mention or something. General Kirok is my Troll companion. We beat out a woman with a much nicer uniform, but I think that was because I made my own costume, while hers was made by a real SCA armorer (she had real leather and real metal trim). Anyway, I won a reduced price ticket for Midsouth Con 13. A Klingon man & his "mate" won Best Performance (for the Klingon Mating Ritual which consisted of lots of yelling and object throwing) and my crewmate Darren won Best of Show for his Borg costume (shown above with another contestant)

Vision Con, Springfield, Missouri, 1994: Guests?
New Uniform Cardassian

Came here for the national meeting of the Klingon fan club of which I was then a member. I had a new uniform to show off and I bought a new real chainmail sash while there. This was mainly a gaming con and I got involved in a few role playing games - great fun. Saw my first Cardassian! I don't like Cardassians, but this guy's costume was amazing!! I couldn't believe it when he didn't win the costume contest.



SlugBoy! Kirok & Friend
Left: Slug Boy! (Don't ask) | Right: Kirok with an Orion Slave Girl

    Unfortunately, there were some unfriendly connections made here and my total disgust with Klingon fandom in general began then. Nuff said about that

Me & The Troll From Afar
Me with The Troll From Afar

Midsouth Con 13, Memphis, Tennessee, 1994: Robin Curtis

Me, Kirok and my friend Bryan (aka Slugboy) on recruiting duty

There was some reason I couldn't stay more than a few hours at this con, but I came because I got in free - or else at a rediculously reduced price - from winning the costume contest the year before. There were several guests - writer Barabara Hambly, artist Larry Elmore, and actor Robin Curtis, but I didn't see any of em. All I did was sit at a recruiting table, trying to sign up members for the Klingon club - in retrospect, I'm glad I didn't actually sign up anyone ... [Klingons tend to the extreme - they're either tongue-in-cheek about it and totally friendly like me and Bryan and a few others I've met along the way, or they're totally uptight and complete douchbags like most of the members of this club I was with - there's no in-between ...]

Creation Con, Houston, Texas, 2000: Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, Grace Lee Whitney, Tim Russ

CarDavid I drove my '83 Ford 500 miles from Arkansas to Texas to pick up my boyfriend David, and then another 200 miles to Houston for this con -- all to see THE MAN, Bruce Campbell.
    We arrived in Houston on Fryday night and the hotel had given away the room we'd reserved, so we got a suite at no extra charge - sweet.


    First stop of the con - Dealer's Room! First thing I bought was a Xena T-Shirt featuring Autolycus, Salmonius and Joxer and which reads "The Reign of Comedy" - very nice. Then I went nuts buying photos to add to my collection. Hey! Been six years since I've attended a con!! I had some catching up to do! David picked up a really nice raised foil picture of Gabrielle - wish there had been one like that of Autolycus. David and I also took a bunch of photos, but for some odd reason, most of them came back out of focus - and I even brought my auto focus camera just to be safe!!
    After stashing our loot, we headed to the programming room. We caught the end of the auction and then a Xena blooper reel. Before Bruce came out for his talk, we watched an Autolycus music video. The first thing Bruce did when he came out was comment on the cheesy mustache he had in the last image of the video, which was still on the screen.

Then he ran us through the video again and pointed out when it was actually him on the screen and when it was a stunt man: "That's me, that's not me, that's not my feet, that's not my hand, that's me ..." You get the idea. Shattered my illusions, that did (grin) - I thought he did all his own stunts. Heh.
    Someone asked him how he keeps himself in such great shape - "I keep my shirt on." LOL! He then JC spread some wild rumours about Kevin "Ares" Smith - "How do you know Kevin Smith is such a good kisser?" "None of your bees wax!" LOL! I half expected Kevin Smith to show up and smack him upside the head. (grin)
    I think I may have actually surprised him when I asked if he was the voice of Jean-Claude (the parrot on Jack of All Trades) HE IS! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!
    He told us about the "farting contest" he and David Duchovney had on the set of X-Files (Bruce did the best "bean fart" and Duchovney the best "potato chip fart"). Evidently, actors have a lot of free time on the set while lighting and such is being set up - gotta pass the time somehow! LOL!
    He mentioned how that kissing scene with Rene O'Conner in "The Quest" took many many takes to get just right ... (wink wink)
    He won't know until September if Jack will be renewed (keeping fingers crossed). He will be directing an episode of VIP and his book will be out next year.
Me & Bruce     Then there was the autograph session and photo op ... I got my Army of Darkness poster signed. I was too chicken to give him the letter I had written thanking him for being an inspiration. (sigh) My photo came out okay, although I wasn't exactly posing because the con guy taking the photos couldn't get it focused and I had taken a step towards him to tell him it was auto focus when he snapped the photo (sigh) Still, mine is better than David's - the one the con guy took was horribly out of focus:
Blurry pic
Luckily, I snapped a picture of them with my camera, but the pose wasn't to David's liking (shrug)
David & Bruce

Bruce is adorable, charming, witty, adorable, hilarious, friendly - did I mention he's adorable? (siiiiiiigh)

Saturday Evening Cabaret

This was the first time I ever attended the evening festivities at a con (sometimes it's a cabaret show, a dinner theatre or just dinner with the stars). On the way in, David asked the con guy if he could pass on a letter to Bruce, which left me stuck! I had to hand over the letters I'd written for Bruce and Ted! No idea if they ever really got them or not - I just thanked them both (and told them to thank Sam and Ivan Raimi too) for being an inspiration and helping me out of a several year depression - thought they'd like to know they're appreciated. (blush)

Ted & Bruce

    Anyway, the evening cabaret featured Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi - dressed to the nines in tuxedoes - WooHoo!
Cabaret     It was a sort of comedy/magic act. They introduced world renowned mentalist The Great Svengarlic; only he was apparently dead drunk (or just dead?) and so Ted surreptitiously took his place. (grin) First, he was blindfolded and Bruce got objects from the audience for Svengarlic to identify via mind reading .... A watch ("Take your TIME deciding what I'm holding") and then a check book ("Be sure to CHECK your facts and you can BANK on coming to the right conclusion") LOL! Bruce told us not to encourage him when we hooted and cheered for Svengarlic ...
    Then Bruce found a pair of handcuffs in a woman's purse (grin) and Ted, errrrrrrrrr, I mean, Svengarlic (wink) cuffed Bruce to a lucky LUCKY volunteer from the audience just to prove they were real. (I was squished in at the back with no way out, so couldn't have volunteered even if I'd had the guts). Then Bruce's hands were cuffed behind his back. He had no trouble getting out of them - evidenced by his occasional running a hand through his hair or scratching his nose and then turning around to show his hands were still cuffed - LOL! David says they were trick cuffs, but I'm still impressed.
    Svengarlic hypnotized Bruce - convinced him he was from different parts of the country so he spoke with different accents. Then he convinced him he was a bad actor - "I am Ted Raimi" - LOL!
    The mini guillotine had me queasy ... it was first tested on Bruce - OUCH! - to prove it was real. They got a volunteer (NOT ME!) who sure had guts. Ted asked if he wouldn't mind losing a hand, "I can take it with me, can't I?" (boggle) and then Ted said he had to say the magic words to make the blade not cut, "Don't mumble the last one, huh?" to which Bruce intoned "Klatuu ...!" LOL! I could not have done it - even with Bruce hanging on to me like he did that guy - so he wouldn't run away (shudder) Ted had to quickly consult Magic for Dummies before bringing down the blade and all was well. LOL! (shaking head in wonder)
    The finale had Ted tying two handkerchiefs together and placing the knot - errrr, down a woman's cleavage (ahem) When Bruce and Ted pulled the two kerchiefs apart, "her" bra came out tied between them - LOL!

Bruce and Ted make quite a pair.


Car We left for home on Sunday morning, so we didn't get to see any of the other guests. A good time was had by all and my car, Giuseppe (yes, my car is a guy), was a trooper right up till I got within 40 miles of my home back in Arkansas. (sigh) Hopefully, all he needs is a new thermostat - wish me (and Giuseppe) luck! [Giusseppi actually needed a new water pump]

Professor Gumby - Heh
Corelian Pirate with a blaster burn (No one got it)
Last time I donned a Klingon uniform
2000 & 2001
I dunno - a Wraith?
An Evil Dead Zombie


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