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Okay, did Screaming Bruce, so why not Laughing Bruce?
Jack of All Trades: "Dead Woman Walking" (11K) - LOVE this one!
Army of Darkness (7K) - Chuckle
Assault on Dome 4 (98K) - "Heh hehehehe ... Hohohoho, boy, heh, Oh, you heros are soooo gullable, ha!"
Assault on Dome 4 (73K) - "Hohohoho, oh, Chase, you kill me! HAhahahaha!" BOOM!
Hercules: "The End of the Beginning" (39K) - Two laughing Autolycae
Hercules: "The End of the Beginning" (5K) - HA!
Hercules: "The End of the Beginning" (8K) - "Hohohoho"
Jack of All Trades: "Floundering Father" (5K) - Chuckle
Jack of All Trades: "Floundering Father" (10K) - Relieved laugh
Jack of All Trades: "Floundering Father" (5K) - Heh heh heh
Jack of All Trades: "Floundering Father" (4K) - Huh huh huh
Jack of All Trades: "Dead Woman Walking" (6K) - Dragoon 1
Jack of All Trades: "Dead Woman Walking" (7K) - Dragoon 2
Xena: "A Royal Couple of Thieves" (11K)

"The Orb Scholar"
Brisco (19K) - Coles: "What are you, a lawman?" Brisco: "Nope. I'm a bounty hunter."
Brisco (51K) - Brisco: "Naaah, you can't sing." Bowler: "I sing like an angel." Brisco: "Wait a while, I'll let you know."
Brisco (34K) - Brisco: "Well, certainly, among all the active bounty hunters out there, you're the best singer." Bowler: "That's true."

"No Man's Land"
Brisco (35K) - "Phil, Will and Bill - The Swill brothers. A good reason why inbreeding is a bad idea."
Brisco (22K) - Little Girl: "I need to go to the bathroom." Brisco: "I know what you mean."
Brisco (84K) - Brisco: "Well, Comet, I'd say by the tracks, we're only about an hour or two behind." Comet: Winnies. Brisco: "Give or take an hour." Comet: Winnies. Brisco: "No, I have no idea why they turned off the main road. Nuthin' out there for a hundred miles."
Brisco (16K) - "Alright, pull your pants up first, then get your hands up."
Brisco (14K) - "Happy memories as John Bly's moll?"
Brisco (31K) - "John Bly and his gang killed my father; that's all I need to understand."
Brisco (33K) - "One thing my father taught me was that, uh, second chances are hard to come by."

Texas Blood Money (36K) - "Aw, come on, what the Hell? And I don't want to hear anything about any karma."

"The End of the Beginning"
Hercules (15K) - "Couldn't be in better hands than The King of Thieves."
Hercules (13K) - "You're just a big softy."
Hercules (57K) - "Oh no ....... oooooooooooh, My stone!"
Hercules (22K) - Two Autolycae yodeling
Hercules (24K) - Older Autolycus: "Hey, hey hey hey, not the face, not the face." Younger Autolycus: "You got a point."
Hercules (31K) - "I know this is a huge shock, Hercules, but at one time, I was actually ... obnoxious
Hercules (7K) - "My ears are burning."
Hercules (13K) - "Confounding, aren't I? Ha!"
Hercules (44K) - "You gave Serina her life back. Too bad to do it, you had to wipe out everything the two of you would have shared."

"Floundering Father"
Jack (50K) - Jack: "What is all the racket? For the love of God, it's an indecent hour." Emelia: "It's four o'clock in the afternoon." Jack: "Apology accepted."
Jack (16K) - "Call it my own personal Declaration of Independance"
Jack (9K) - "Yeah, if the spirit moves me."
Jack (10K) - "Oh, someone's at the door."
Jack (21K) - "Well, if it's not Jean-Claude, our trusty carrier parrot - what's the word on the cobblestone?"
Jack (26K) - Emelia: "How disgusting." Jack: "I wouldn't wish that on anyone."
Jack (31K) - Emelia: "I must say, that man looks rather familiar." Jack: "Familiar? That's Benjamin Franklin."
Jack (18K) - "He's also the founding father of the greatest country in the world."
Jack (44K) - "If his parents were so thrilled to be a couple of English muffins, why were they so willing to suffer a four month, black plague, rat infested ship cruise just to get the Hell out of there?"
Jack (19K) - "I'm sure you remember me; I'm Jack Stiles, an American agent."
Jack (26K) - Emelia: "Jack, you must learn to think three dimensionally." Jack: "Oh, I do, what are you? A 36-24-36?"
Jack (10K) - "I hope you're prepared to die."
Jack (23K) - "Stand back - this is how we fix things in America." WHOMP!
Jack (11K) - "Hey, thar she blows."
Jack (14K) - "Ah, you know me, I never pass up a sail."
Jack (15K) - "Oh, you are the grossest pirate."
Jack (22K) - "I hate to be an alarmest, but Black Beard breathes fire."

"Dead Woman Walking"
Jack (35K) - "Oh, too bad, I was hoping to be reincarnated as Marie Antoinette's bar of soap - heheheheh."
Jack (38K) - "Emelia? Jaaaack - be good."
Jack (56K) - "I'm tellin' ya, no one could have gotten past us! Unless, it was the grave robber from beyoooooond the graaaaaaaave - woooooooo."
Jack (39K) - Emelia: "Really, Jack, nothing could ever be more terrifying than waking by your side." Jack: "That's what they all say. At first."
Jack (18K) - "Well, I haven't been this screwed in a looong time."
Jack (32K) - The Daring Dragoon's dramatic entrance ...
Jack (19K) - "Masked weasle? Up yours."
Jack (34K) - "Heheheh ... okay ... okay ..."
Jack (32K) - "The real question is, did you chase me here? Or did I lead you here?"

Mindwarp (6K) - "My name's Stover."
Mindwarp (94K) - Judy: "What the Hell is happening?" Stover: "You were out by the edge of the Dead Lands. Crawlers got you. ... Crawlers? Cannibals? Those ugly f****s who live underground in the landfills."
Mindwarp (88K) - Judy: "Why do the Crawlers do that?" Stover: "They don't. I put her up there. She froze to death. That's my wife."
Mindwarp (63K) - "Course, I'd prefer to bury the dead, but the ground isn't safe. The Crawlers, they, uh - they find the meat."
Mindwarp (11K) - "What have you really experienced?"
Mindwarp (85K) - Judy: "That's pretty." Stover: "That's my wedding ring. I haven't been with a woman since she died. I thought I was the last Human on Earth."
Mindwarp (13K) - "Judy, I'm sorry."
Mindwarp (41K) - "Leave? Oh, no, we can't leave. We belong here."
Mindwarp (12K) - "Judy, come back!"

"A Royal Couple of Thieves"
Xena (18K) - Yodelling ...
Xena (11K) - "Well, hello handsome."
Xena (35K) - "You are a very persistant woman, but this is mine! I stole it! I have uses for it!"
Xena (14K) - "Didn't Hercules tell you I was an honourable man?"
Xena (14K) - "Oh, for the love of Zeus."
Xena (64K) - Autolycus: "I don't steal from him, by the way." Gabrielle: "He's afraid." Autolycus: "No. We have an arrangement. I don't steal from him and he doesn't gouge my eys out with hot pokers. It's worked out very well so far."
Xena (93K) - Autolycus: "Ha ha, you're trying to use my ego against me!" Gabrielle: "I didn't think it would work." Autolycus: "No, it worked; I'll do it. Not for money - though I'll take a reward, but mainly because I am The King of Thieves."
Xena (21K) - "You've hired the best. You'll get it back."
Xena (39K) - Gabrielle: "Ooh, I like this ring." Autolycus: "That's mine - I got it from a beautiful princess." Gabrielle: "Was it a gift?" Autolycus: "You're so young ..."
Xena (24K) - "I must tell you, I'm not very fond of water - you sure this leaky tub is the right one?"
Xena (32K) - "BOO!"
Xena (77K) - "Of course, the trick in killing someone with an apricot is really in the wrist. The drawback is, it kills instantly, so there's no time to gather information. So, for situations like that, well I use a muffin."
Xena (50K) - "Well, that worked up an appetite! And hunger is the Gods' way of saying ... eat!"
Xena (46K) - "A woman's chastity is like a new hat! A beautiful thing that ... going to kill me."
Xena (3K) - "I like it."
Xena (9K) - "She's got spunk."
Xena (32K) - "Invisible threads? That's the oldest trick in the book. Xena - there are no threads, trust me."
Xena (17K) - "Any good thief knows when to back off and pick another pocket."
Xena (21K) - "Some advice from me to you? Find less demanding friends."
Xena (130K) - "My father... Well, that would be an interesting subject except that he was killed before I was born. My mother died when I was eight, so it was just my older brother to take care of me, like those people took care of you. When he was killed, you ... do what you can to survive."
Xena (19K) - "A multi-million dinar castle and no closets!"
Xena (18K) - "I've never been dead before; this should be interesting."
Xena (28K) - "And then there are those of us who live to fool ourselves."
Xena (29K) - "I am Autolycus, The King! ........... of thieves."
Xena (55K) - Autolycus: "Can I ask you something? Is your life always like this?" Xena: "Pretty much." Autolycus: "Sheesh."
Xena (27K) - Autolycus: "Go on, Xena, I'll hold em off!" Xena: "Are you kidding me?" Autolycus: "I think I'm kidding myself - go on, help those people!"
Xena (47K) - "I've never had a partner in crime and after this, I never will ..."


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