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Bruce is the all time greatest screamer - hear some examples of Screaming Bruce!
Some more sound files I've made and which I haven't seen available at The Official Bruce Campbell Sound Library
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A page devoted to the French Carrier Parrot from Jack of All Trades. Does Bruce provide the voice of Jean-Claude?


I've rated the ones I've seen on a scale of * - ****
Beware of possible spoilers!

If you see a mistake, please let me know.


  • Army of Darkness 1993 (Ash)[****½]
    A reviewer once described this film as "The funniest horror movie" ever made - and I can't dispute that. It's a hoot and a half!

  • Bubba-Ho-Tep 2002 (Elvis)[****½]
    Oh, this is a funny film. Not in the slapstick way Army of Darkness is funny, but in a more serious what would two possibly insane elderly men do in a situation like this way. The special effects are spot on and it really is a creepy horror film. This one is a must see.

  • Comic Book: The Movie 2004 (Himself)
    I don't know much about this, but it stars Mark Hammil and is not a documentary.

  • Congo 1995 (Charles Travis) [**]
    The way people talk of this film -even Bruce himself, you'd think it was really really bad, but it's not all THAT bad and as the photo to the right shows, Bruce is adorable in it - even though he does die early on ...
    Oops, did I ruin it for anyone?
    The story premise is interesting, but the very idea that this ancient city survived so many centuries only to be destroyed by a volcano 20 minutes after being rediscovered is, shall we say, most convenient? And what does a destructive laser have to do with communications? When I am able, I will get a great scream for Screaming Bruce! and possibly a laugh for Laughing Bruce! too. And Bruce dies while eating chocolate - I mean, if you have to go, may as well go while eating chocolate!

  • Crimewave 1985 (Renaldo, The Heel)[*½]
    This is a juvenile and predictable little flick, but has some amusing moments. Bruce is a heel alright - LOL!

  • Darkman 1990 (Cameo or "Last Shemp")[***]
    I did not remember seeing Bruce in this - that's because he only appears for a few seconds in the very last shot. He did, however, provide some of the screams. See? I'm not the only one who thinks Bruce is the greatest screamer ever!

  • The Dead Next Door 1988 (voice)
    A zombie movie - Bruce is a voice? Well, I'll have to find this one to find out ...

  • The Demolitionist 1995 (Raffle Winner) [*½]
    No, this is NOT the one with Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone - that was The Demolition Man (sigh). All-in-all, this is kind of a rip off of RoboCop, but is not totally wretched - at least, not if you like lots of shooting and killing (sigh sigh). I watched the whole bloody thing just to catch Bruce in the last five minutes - he plays a bad guy who wins a raffle to see who gets to shoot the Chief of Police. His one line: "Oh, oh, oh, hey, that's me!" LOL! Hey, he is cute in his leather jacket, with the bandana on his head.

  • Escape From LA 1996 (The Surgeon General of Beverly Hills) [**]
    Okay, not as bad a film as I remembered, but Bruce is completely unrecognizable. The plot is pretty much the same as Escape From New York.

  • Evil Dead 1983(79) (Ash) [**½]
    The first of the Evil Dead Trilogy is completely disgusting! You won't want to eat oatmeal for a while after seeing it, but Bruce is soooooo cute .........

  • Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn 1987 (Ash) [***]
    This one is not quite as gross, is funnier and had a bigger budget. Even if you don't see these first two, the third Evil Dead movie (Army of Darkness) is a must see.

  • Fargo 1996 (Soap character on TV)

  • From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money 1999 (A lawyer)
    Nope! Didn't rate this one because, well, I didn't watch it. Despite the fact that my TV paper listed Bruce as the star of this, he lasts all of two minutes! (He plays a lawyer in a movie some guy is watching on TV as the movie starts) I got a pretty good scream out of it, though, so look for that over on Screaming Bruce!.

  • Going Back 1983 (Brice Chapman) [**½]
    What a cute little film this is! Nothing spectacular, but nothing for anyone NOT to like either. Bruce plays a teenager fresh out of high school who takes a road trip with a buddy before starting college. That was the thing to do in 1964, which is when this takes palce - they even have a copy of On the Road by Jack Keroac. Anyway, they have a great summer and after four years of college (during which Bruce has growm a really cheesy mustache), the pals go back to try to recapture some of that magic ...

  • The Hudsucker Proxy 1994 (Smitty) [***]
    This is a weird film. Oh, it's hilarious, but what crazy camera angles! It's a very slick looking film and is very VERY fast paced. Bruce plays, Smitty - a slightly sleazy news reporter. The best scene in the movie? When the guy tries to jump out the window of the 44th floor, only to go SPLAT against plexiglass and then squeakily slide down - LOL!

  • Icebreaker 2000 (Carl Grieg) [***]
    A direct-to-video movie only available at Blockbuster. This is a bit of a comedy of errors - I gave it three stars because it is amusing. Yes, Bruce is bald in this one! I gathered that his character was dying from cancer, but he never really explained why he wanted to blow up a mountain with a nuclear bomb. I think they should have at least showed the whereabouts of his life story on tape as the end credits ran - sorry for the spoiler, but he dies - AGAIN! Grieg was dying anyway, though ........

  • Intruder 1987 (Officer Howard)

  • La Patinoire ("The Ice Rink") 1999 (Sylvester Barrymore) [****]
    It was filmed in Paris - the City of Looooooooove ...... I still don't have a DVD player, but I do have a DVD-Rom drive for my computer! The picture was bad so I couldn't even read the sub-titles (it's a French film), but it's the kind of film you don't really need to know what they're saying - it's hilarious! It's a film about making a film. Bruce plays the "big American star" in a small French film about ice hockey. The Lithuanian hockey team is playing the hockey players and can't speak any French, none of the film crew can skate, the rink manager is trying to relive his glory days at the Olympics, they have a tight schedule because the producer wants the film done in time for a festival in Venice and to top it off, the star (Bruce) and the director are both in love with the female lead!

  • The Lady Killers 2004 (Humane Society Guy) [****]
    He is not credited, but that's him there at the snack table flirting with the client! This movie is very funny and stars Tom Hanks. This is another Coen Brothers project and Bruce has a small non-speaking cameo appearance.

  • Lunatics: A Love Story 1989 (Ray) [***]
    I think I've seen this - and if it's the one I'm thinking of, it's a hoot!
    Okay, I have seen it again and it IS the one I was thinking of - the main memory I had of it was the spiders on the brain scene and it is still SUPER CREEPY today! Bruce is a real bastard in this, though - LOL! He plays the girls ex-boyfriend (who gets his in a funny way at the end), but he also appears as the mad doctor in Ted Raimi's halucinations too. Very funny, bizzar movie.

  • The Majestic 2001 (Roland, the Intrepid Explorer) [***]
    One of those Feel Good movies. Bruce is the star of a film shown at this cinema house. Roland is a sort of Indiana Jones type character. Get the DVD so you can see the expanded scene - it's hilarious!

  • Maniac Cop 1988 (Jack Forrest) [**]
    Not bad - and Bruce survives! (Well, obviously, since he comes back in the second one). I was somewhat traumatized by seeing Robert Z'Dar naked - AAAARRGGGGHHHH!

  • Maniac Cop II 1989 (Jack Forrest) [*½]
    Unfortunately, Bruce gets horribly murdered in the first ten minutes or so.

  • McHale's Navy 1997 (Virgil) [***]
    Finally got to see this! It's not a bad film - phooey to everyone who said it stank! It was nothing like the original show, but that is because Tom Arnold plays Quentin McHale Jr. (I think it's Quentin - or some other Q name). And yes, that's a spoiler - tuff. Anyway, it's a very funny movie and I enjoyed it.

  • Mindwarp 1990 (Stover) [**]
    I didn't understand this film. The ending was completely nebulous. Bruce screams awfully well, though!

  • Moon Trap 1988 (Ray "The Penetrator" Tanner) [***]
    Okay, finally got to see this!! What a cool movie - Walter Koenig is good, but he'll never be as good a screamer as Bruce. The two of them together is a joy. The only problem I had with this one was the premise behind the alien invasion - what the heck did they need Human body parts for?

  • Nobody Knows 2000 (William Roberts)
    Another direct-to-video movie.

  • The Quick and the Dead 1995 (Wedding Shemp) [***]
    Okay, saw this - lots of killing and more killing - LOL! Bruce's scenes were cut. I hear you can catch a glimpse of him in the wedding scene on the DVD version, but what wedding? The flashback to the girl's Dad being killed?

  • Running Time 1999 (Carl) [****]
    This was written and directed by Bruce's pal Josh Becker and takes place in real time with one continuous shot. Alfred Hitchcock tried it with a film called "The Rope," but no one has ever tried it again till now. I finally got the DVD to play on my computer's DVD-R drive and I LOVE it! What a cute story! And what a major idiot Jeremy Roberts plays - LOL! (It was filmed in black & white)
        Bruce plays Carl, who is just getting out of prison after 5 years as the film opens. (Art Lafleur is the warden). The best line? As he's leaving, he is taunting the rest of the prisoners and one yells, "F**k you!" and Bruce replies, "Not any more!" LOL! Okay, anyway, immediately upon his release, he joins up with his old high school buddy for a heist! His pal, played by Jeremy Roberts, has a prostitute waiting and there is a rather amusing sex scene - oh, they never remove their clothes and while Bruce is ... doing his thing, she is studying her fingernails - LOL! The prostitute turns out to be Bruce's old high school sweetheart. Everything goes wrong with the heist - Bruce is even shot! Then he has to decide whether to go off with his idiot HS buddy and the money or stay with his old HS sweetheart. GREAT little film! And the commentary included on the DVD is great too.

  • Serving Sara 2002 (Gordon Moore) [***]
    During filming, it was called "Servicing Sara." Wonder why they changed the name? (snicker) Bruce is a big shot Texan in this. Heh. He is such a bastard too. If he can serve divorce papers to his wife first, she will get nothing, but if she can serve him first, she can get half of his 20 million dollar cattle ranch. And the race is on! It's funny stuff.

  • Sky High 2005 (Coach Boomer) [***½]
    Bruce teams up with Kurt Russel again in this Disney film about a high school for kids of super heroes.
    It's a cute teen coming of age movie about young superheroes in high school. Bruce doesn't have a main role, but it's not a bit part either - he's in most of the film and his super power is a sonic booming voice.

  • Spiderman 2002 (Ring Announcer) [***]
    One of the better comic book to film movies to come out. Bruce is cute and he's the one who gives Spiderman his name!

  • Spiderman II 2004 (The Snooty Usher) [***½]
    I think this one is better than the first. Bruce is the snooty usher who refuses to let Parker enter after the curtain has gone up.

  • Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat 1989 (Robert Van Helsing) [****]
    Okay, FINALLY got to see this! I give it 4 stars because, despite the overacting by Maxwell Caulfield as Shane, this is so damned entertaining! Bruce is GREAT! David Carradine and John Ireland are wonderful - it's just an all around fun vampire flick. I will get a few GREAT Bruce screams and laughs from this too.

  • Thou Shalt Not Kill ... Except 1987 (Newscaster - NOT!) [½]
    Also called Stryker's War, which I think is a much better name.
    Wanted to see this if only to see Sam Raimi as the crazed cult leader, but this movie is REALLY bad. (Hey, funny, but bad). Such dialog as "Don't touch the sacrificial fluids, okee-dokey?" may give you an idea of just how bad it is. And Bruce is NOT the newscaster - he is not in it at all, credited only with helping with the story and as Supervising Sound Editor. (He did play Stryker in the 8mm pilot film, however) It was directed and co-written by Bruce's pal Josh Becker and is worth watching to see, like I said, Sam Raimi as the crazed cult leader.
        Okay, Bruce lists this film on his own web site, so maybe he IS a newscaster? I only noticed one in the film and it sure didn't look (what I could see on a snowy screen) or sound like Bruce - I will have to watch again.

  • Time Quest 2002 (William Roberts) [***]
    An odd little film that jumps around time and tells a story about a guy who goes back in time and saves JFK from assassination in Dallas. Bruce plays a film maker with conspiracy theories regarding JFK. It's interesting and often amusing.

  • Waxwork II: Lost in Time 1991 (John Loftmore) [***]
    This is an exceedingly stupid movie, but I gave it three stars because it's so damned entertaining! What a hoot it is! And Bruce's segment is by far the best. Don't worry about plot (there really is none) - just try to figure out what films they're spoofing ... (Marina Sirtis also appears)

  • The Woods 2005 (Joe Fasulo)

  • Three movies listed in the IMDb - These are all Super 8 movies Bruce made with Sam Raimi et al - Within the Woods was the early Super 8 version of Evil Dead - can you get these on video? Why list them in the IMDb?
    • It's Murder! 1977
    • Within the Woods 1978
    • Clockwork 1978


  • Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. 1993-1994 (Brisco) [****]
    Okay! I love it! (Well, it's slashy, what can I say?) And Comet is soooooooooo cute!

    Actually, I've been re-watching this show and I'm struck by how great a show it really was. I mean, it did go over the top with the spoofing sometimes (that Elvis guy really got on my last nerve), but it had it all: the whole western thang plus the sci-fi, romance and comic relief - why the hell was it canceled??

  • TV Movie: Alien Apocalypse 2005 (Dr. Ivan Hood) [***]
    This movie is stupid, but it's fun, so I give it three stars. Bruce plays a Chiropractor returning to Earth after some 40 years in space to find Humans enslaved to giant insectoid aliens. Renee O'Connor is his Commanding Officer/Love Interest. It's so funny because Bruce's character wants to be known as The Great Healer, but ends up going down in history as The Great Exterminator instead. LOL!

  • American Gothic "Meet the Beetles" 1995 (Lt Drey)
    GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I HATE bugs and I'll NEVER watch this again! I didn't rate it cuz it's too gross. (I spent half the time hiding behind my hands).
    Bruce plays a State Police Lieutenant investigating the death of his brother-in-law - and he gets EATEN by BEETLES! AAARRRGGGHHHHH!

  • TV Movie: Assault on Dome 4 1997 (Alex Windham) [**]
    Okay, the best thing about this flick is Bruce! I could write better dialog when I was in high school, but Bruce is the only one who manages to make the cheesy dialog acceptable - even veteran actor Brion James couldn't rise above the script limitations! It is definitely worth watching just for Bruce's performance as the megalomaniacal artiste who claims "The galaxy is my canvas." Hey, his demands are somewhat unique (and not even too much to ask for - why didn't they just give it to him?) and even his demise (sorry, but he is the baddy, what'd you expect?) is done with a flair! Oh, but Bruce does not scream once in this - unbelievable ... I got a good laugh from it, though, so look for that over at Laughing Bruce.

  • Beggars and Choosers "Golf War Syndrome" 2000 (Jack "Mountain Man" Stoddard) [****]
    This is a Showtime series. I've seen a few episodes - back when I had Showtime. Since moving, I don't get Showtime anymore, so I had my folks tape this one for me and send it to me. I gave this ep four stars because of the looooooooooove scene - WooHoo! Bruce naked! (And in bed with another man ;-) KERPLOP!*
    Click on the image to the left for more dark and grainy screen captures (sorry)
    He has appeared in a couple other eps of this show, too, but I have not been able to see any others yet and can't seem to find a definite list of episode titles. He may have appeared (as Jack Stoddard) in "From Russia With Love" and "The Long Goodbye" but I'm not sure.

  • TV Movie: Blaze of Glory 1997 (Jeff Erickson) [***]
    GREAT flick! Well, who can resist Bruce as a sexy bank robber? It's also called In the Line of Duty: Blaze of Glory and Bruce plays half of a husband-wife team of bankrobbers - powerful performance - all that crying and of course, the hot tub scene - WooHoo!

  • Burn Notice 2007-Present (Sam Axe) [****]
    This is a series on USA Network, but since I haven't had cable in years, I had to wait till the show got syndicated to see it. Bruce plays an ex-Navy Seal/former spy now hangin' loose in Miami. I think maybe I've seen the first two seasons and it's pretty good. I do like Bruce's character, though, in many ways, he's very similar to most of his other characters - womanizer, bit of a wise-ass, but he's a little more tender and a little more kick-ass than usual. They made a prequal film about Sam's past, but I don't have cable, so didn't see it. (sigh)

  • Charmed "Witch Way Now?" 2002 (Agent Jackman) [***]
    A season finale episode. Bruce is an FBI agent who turns out to be a deranged witch hunter. He ends up getting his butt kicked by Alyssa Milano and then he shoots himself from 20 feet away. Yeah, that's a spoiler - TUFF!

  • Ellen 1996-1997 (Ed Billik - recurring roll) [***]
    Yeah, at some point in the series, Ellen lost her bookstore and Bruce played her (cute) boss.

  • Generations 1983 (Alan Stuart)
    This was evidently a soap opera and footage from this was used in the film Fargo.

  • TV Movie: Gold Rush 1998 (P.T. Madison) [***]
    Bruce is soooooooooo cute in this! He plays a sort of charming, happy-go-lucky adventurer. His get rich quick schemes don't always take others into consideration.

  • Hercules:The Legendary Journeys 1995-1999 (Autolycus, King of Thieves - recurring roll) [***½]
    Autolycus was my first glimpse of Bruce and I love him!

  • Homicide: Life on the Street "Badge of Honor" parts I & II (Jake Rodzinski) [****]
    Wow. Bruce is a detective whose father is murdered and the killer is freed on a technicality.

  • Jack of All Trades 2000 (Jack Stiles) [****]
    ACK! It's been cancelled! Why the heck anyone would prefer to watch an hour of Cleopatra rather than Jack, I'll never know. HMPH!

  • Lois & Clark 1995 (Bill Church, Jr. - 3 eps) [***]
    LOL! HE is featured in two eps: "Individual Responsibility" and "We Have a Lot to Talk About" and they are a hoot! Bruce plays the son of a big time bad guy (Bill Church, Sr. played by Peter Boyle) and he takes over the business when his Dad retires. He only has a tiny part in the third ep, "Whine Whine Whine" in which Superman is sued.

  • TV Movie: Love Bug 1998 (Hank Cooper) [****]
    WONDERFUL little family film! Herbie is still a hoot and Bruce has his work cut out for him as Herbie's new owner.

  • TV Movie: Man With The Screaming Brain 2005 (William Cole) [***]
    In addition to starring in this, Bruce also wrote, produced and directed it. I have a copy if the original script and it's pretty funny. It involves an evil scientist and a brain transplant and there's a femme fatale - literally. It premieres on the SciFi Channel Sept 10th 2005.
    Ha! Well, the scientist isn't evil, but the femme fatale is a real bitch. It is funny - Ted Raimi is especially hilarious as the scientist's assistant, Pavel. Definitely worth seeing.

  • Megas XLR "Battle Royale" 2005 (Magnanimous) [***]
    I had heard he provided the voice for a character on this animated show, but it's not something I usually watch and I didn't bother to start watching in the hope of eventually catching the right episode - I know - very uncool of me. (Hanging head in shame) But I did happen to catch it by accident while channel surfing - LOL! It's hilarious - Bruce's character looks JUST like him - except he is just a big giant head with little dangly arms and little dangly legs - LOL! He is the evil promotor of some intergalactic cross between wrestling and battlebots who, of course, gets his comupance. Wish I had taped it so I could have gotten his scream at the end!

  • TV Movie: Menno's Mind 1996 (Mick Dourif) [***½]
    This is a Showtime movie and is pretty darned good, despite the sometimes cheesy computer effects (reminiscent of "Overdrawn at the Memory Bank" - was that a Showtime film too?) Unfortunately, Bruce dies early on, but I cried at the end, which is why it gets a half star more than MoonTrap, which I watched on the same day. And no, Bill Campbell is not Bruce's brother as some reviews have claimed - they're not related at all ... (Also features Michael Dorn, Robert Picardo and Robert Vaughn)

  • Missing Links 1997 (Ray)
    This is a TV Pilot? Ah, it evidently had to do with a golf course ...

  • TV Movie: Terminal Invasion 2002 (Jack Edwards) [****]
    A SciFi Original movie in which Bruce plays a convicted murderer stranded at a tiny airport when aliens invade. It's a pretty good premise (a lot of alien invasion movies make no sense), it's well acted and Bruce is adorable in it. The only problem I had was, why didn't he just shoot those two aliens when he had the chance? He knew a shot between the eyes would kill them ...

  • Time Cop "The Future, Jack, The Future" 1998 (Tommy Maddox)
    I never realized they made a series out of that movie, so that's why I missed this one!

  • TV Movie: Tornado 1996 (Jake Thorne) [***½]
    AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGH! Living, as I do, in constant fear of a tornado, I have refused to watch any of the "twister" movies, but I watched this one just because Bruce is in it. Upset me terribly! Am I a true fan or what? My boyfriend says the tornado effects weren't all that realistic, but they were enough to scare the begesus outta me! Good movie, but I won't be watching it again any time soon.

  • Weird Science "I Dream of Gene" 1997 (Gene)

  • Xena: Warrior Princess 1996-1999 (Autolycus, King of Thieves - recurring roll) [***]
    Auto plagues Xena too!

  • X-Files "Terms of Endearment" 1998 (Wayne Weinsider)[****]
    Creepy episode!! I felt so sorry for Bruce in this - he was a demon who got a bad rap.

Video Games

  • Pitfall 3-D: Beyond the Jungle (1997) (Voice of Pitfall Harry)

  • Tachyon, The Fringe 2000 (Voice of Jake Logan)
    I have this game - it's a sort of sci fi flight sim, basically, but it won't run on my old system. (sigh)

  • Evil Dead: Hail To The King 2000 (Voice of Ash)
  • Evil Dead: Fistful of Boomstick 2003 (Voice of Ash)
  • Evil Dead: Regeneration 2005 (Voice of Ash)

  • Spider Man I & II Games 2002 & 2004 (Voice of Tour Guide)


Book cover Book cover


Bruce also edits, directs and produces and hey! He has a new Best Selling book out too! After his wildly successful autobiography called If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor, comes the new Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way. Get your copy today!


Comic Books

And NOW Bruce is even writing comic books! Is there Anything he can't do?! He has penned a comic called "The Hire" for Darkhorse Comics and now there is a comic series of his film "The Man With the Screaming Brain" too.

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*KERPLOP=what women (and some guys) do when they see a particularly minty guy (or gal). Often involves collapsing onto a kerplop cushion.


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