Nero Wolfe

Rex Stout
Character Created by REX STOUT

Cover images are scans of my copies of the books - all the books I have so far are collections - with 3 or 4 stories per book.

Rex Stout wrote a truck-load of these books, so I have nowhere NEAR all of them. I was prompted to read them after seeing the A&E series based on the books and the show caught the flavour of the books beautifully. Nero Wolfe is a big, sendentary genius - his assistant Archie Goodwin tells the stories in first person and often refers to Wolfe's 1/7th of a ton - LOL! I did the math and that's about 280 pounds or so. Wolfe's passions are orchids, good beer and good food. He hates leaving home and gets really agitated if women get emotional in his office. When he does leave home, he doesn't like to trust any car but his own and only if Archie is driving. Archie is the leg man. Young and handsome with an eye for the ladies - especially if they can dance, he's a mouthy charmer who feels it is part of his job to needle Wolfe - a part he particularly enjoys. Also living at the Brownstone at 35th street is Fritz Brenner - long suffering chef and Theodore - orchid gardner. Other recurring characters include Policemen Inspector Cramer and Sergeant Stebbins; and if Wolfe needs extra help, there is Saul and Orrie - and one more detective, I think, but I can't remember his name. And, of course, Lon Cohen, the newsman Archie calls whenever he needs info.


THREE ACES: A NERO WOLFE OMNIBUS (1956, 1960, 1961 [1971])     [*****]

This one contains three full-length novels: TOO MANY CLIENTS - MIGHT AS WELL BE DEAD - THE FINAL DEDUCTION


AND FOUR TO GO (1956)     [*****]

This one contains four short stories (or novellas): Christmas Party - Easter Parade - Fourth of July Picnic - Murder Is No Joke - all of which feature Nero Wolfe actually leaving his home.


THREE AT WOLFE'S DOOR (1960)     [*****]

This one contains three stories: Poison a la Carte - Method Three for Murder - The Rodeo Murder in which the murders occur practically under Wolfe's nose - at his door, as it were.


HOMICIDE TRINITY (1961)     [*****]

This one contains three stories: Eeny Meeny Murder Mo - Death of a Demon - Counterfeit for Murder

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