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Perpegillium - my very first AD&D character and third to finish Daggerfall, is my FIRST character to finish Baldur's Gate!


Level 6/6/7 Fighter/Mage/Thief (Half-Elf)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Gender Female
Armor Class -4
Hit Points 61
Age 20 Height 5'9"
Hair Black Eyes Blue
STRength 13 DEXterity 18
CONstitution 19 INTelligence 19
WISdom 14 CHaRisma 14
THAC0 12 # of Attacks 1.5
Lore 33 Magic Resistance 5
Reputation Average (11)
Open Locks 90% Stealth 35%
Find Traps 85% Pick Pockets 35%
Backstab Damage X3
Saving Throws
Paralyze/Poison/Death 5 (-6)
Rod/Staff/Wand 3 (-6)
Petrify/Polymorph 5 (-6)
Breath Weapon 7 (-6)
Spells 4 (-6)
Weapon Skills
Large Sword ++
Small Sword ++
Missile Weapon ++
Armor Class Modifiers
Missile -4
Piercing -3
Ability Bonuses
To Hit 0 Damage 0
Open Doors 13 Weight Allowance 90
Armor Class -4 Missile Adjustment +2
Reaction Adjustment +2 Hit Points/Level +5
Chance to Learn Spell 95% Reaction +2
8 First Lvl, 2 Second Lvl, 2 Third Lvl.
(1)Identify (1)Magic Missiles (1)Blindness (1)Chromatic Orb
(1)Larloch's Minor Drain (1)Grease (1)Shield (1)Chill Touch
(2)Knock (2)Agannazar's Scorcher (2)Blur (2)Detect Invisability
(2)Invisability (2)Luck (2)Melf's Acid Arrow (2)Mirror Image
(2)Strength (2)Resist Fear (2)Web (2)Protection From Petrification
(2)Know Allignment (3)Clairvoyance (3)Dire Charm (3)Dispel Magic
(3)Fireball (3)Ghost Armor (3)Haste (3)Lightning Bolt
(3)Monster Summoning I (3)Non-Detection (3)Slow (3)Vampiric Touch
(4)Dimension Door (4)Minor Globe of Invulnerability (4)Monster Summoning II (4)Confusion
(4)Remove Curse (5)Cloud Kill (5)Feeblemind (5)Hold Monster
Item Properties
Robe of the Neutral Archmagi AC 5; Magic Resistance 5%; Saving Throw +1 Bonus; Wt 6
Gauntlets of Weapon Skill THAC0 +1 Bonus; Wt 2
Kiel's Helmet Protects against Critical Hits; Protects against all forms of Panic and Boosts Morale; Wt 2
Necklace of Missiles Range: 50'; Area of Effect: 30' Radius; Damage: 6d6 (save vs spell for half)
Ring of Fire Resistance Fire Resistance 40%
Ring of Wizardry Doubles the number of first level spells a Mage can memorize
Ring of Protection +2 AC +2; Saving Throws +2
Cloak of Non-Detection Non-Detectable by magical means; Wt 3
Boots of Speed "Paws of the Cheetah"
Large Shield +2 AC Bonus 3; +1 vs missile weapons; Wt 4
Long Sword +1, Flame Tongue "The Burning Earth" Dmg 1d8+1; THAC0 +1 Bonus; +2 vs Regenerating Creatures; +3 vs Cold Using Creatures; +4 vs Undead; Wt 4; Speed 3
Sling +3 Dmg +3; THAC0 +3; Wt 0; Speed 3
Eagle Bow (Short Bow) THAC0 +2; Dmg +2; Wt 2; Speed 4
Short Sword of Backstabbing "The Shadow's Blade" THAC0 +3; Dmg 1d6+3; Wt 2; Speed 0
Bullet +2 (40) THAC0 +2; Dmg 1d4+3
Girdle of Piercing "Elve's Bane" +3 vs Piercing weapons; Wt 2
Rogue's Stone Bloodstone Ring
Antidote (5) Healing Potion (5)
Scroll of Magic Protection (3) Potion of Power
Potion of Magic Protection Stone to Flesh Scroll (4)
Scroll of Protection from Undead (5)
Misc Info
Most Powerful Vanquished Greater Basilisk
Experience 53666x3 (160998)
Wealth 50300

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