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Terry Nation To explain the statement I made on my Media page - This is Terry Nation (8 Aug 1930-9 Mar 1997), the creater of Blake's 7 (also famed for creating the Daleks for Doctor Who). I finally got a color scanner and scanned my picture of Mr. Nation! (It's not a *great* scan, because I refuse to take the pic out of the frame ....)

       I met Terry at a convention in New York back in 1987. I knew of his Doctor Who fame, but frankly, I never cared for the Daleks, but most of his talk that day was about this show called "Blake's 7." What was this?? I gathered something called the Liberator had been destroyed (fans were dismayed by that). I was fascinated by the way the concept came to be created, though.
       Mr. Nation explained that he was present at an ordinary BBC bull session - that's not what he called it, of course, but I can't recall just what he called it - at which they were looking for new programming ideas. No one had any. Terry looked around the room at all the blank, embarassed faces and tentatively anounced his budding idea: Well, how 'bout a show that takes place in an opressive future where the universe as we know it is controlled by a totalitarian federation? Yeah, and there is this group of freedom fighters who get ahold of this vastly superior ship and fight the federation. He said he had it all planned and had a few scripts in the works (but didn't - he fibbed) and when asked what it would be called, he havered a moment and said something to the effect of, "Oh, well -- the leader's name is Blake, yeah, and there are seven of them, right? So it's called Blake's 7..."
       I just thought that was so cool the way he could come up with something off the top of his head that way! And then turn it into a great show like Blake's 7! I'm sure Terry Nation will be sorely missed in the creative community and I'm sorry I never got to know him better.

       From what I have gathered, Mr J. Michael Straczynski (JMS) was/is a B7 fan and was partially inspired by Blake's 7 when developing his television show, Babylon 5.
Blake        I have also heard, via the internet, about a convention held in England in July of 1997. The con was called Wolf 357 and was evidently held in Blackpool, Lancashire. There was an SFX Awards Ceremony (SFX is a British magazine), at which JMS was scheduled to receive an award. As a surprise, Gareth Thomas appeared in full final episode Blake costume/makeup (ie with the scar as seen here) and "with pyrotechnics on stage" to present the award to JMS, who was quite overawed, from what I hear. Wish I could have seen that!

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