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Alec the pilot Alec Awakened We know Alec Freeman - SHADO's number two man - was a pilot with the RAF. I'm not sure it was ever actually specified that he was a bomber pilot, but I have always seen him as such. Perhaps that's because the only time we actually see him fly on the show is when he pilots the big concorde plane in Identified, which he does most competently, even while under alien attack!

POW! The Punch

Freeman is the perfect foil for Straker -- warm where Straker is cold, soft where Straker is hard, human where Straker is calculating; but make no mistake - Freeman is nobody's fool and not one to be trifled with. He is quite protective of his commanding officer and best friend and he doesn't mind showing it. The picture above is from one of my favorite Freeman scenes - where that big man came to threaten Straker, who simply takes a step sideways for Alec to step in and clobber the guy, which he does with no hesitation ....
       Portrayed by George Sewell, Alec is a warm, good humoured man who loves an occasional flirt with the ladies.

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  • Identified, in which we see what I believe is the only on screen flight Freeman makes.
  • ESP, in which we see how protective Alec can be toward Straker.
  • Court Martial, in which we see that lovely scene where Alec steps in and clobbers a guy to protect Straker.
  • The Responsability Seat, in which Freeman gets a first hand look at the burden of command and decides Straker can keep it.

  • Get Carter - This is a very good film which stars Michael Caine. It is, in fact, the first film Caine produced himself and it is very gritty and realistic. George plays a thug - one of the very few NOT to get killed by Michael Caine!
  • The Detectives - A television series on which Sewell was a regular, but I have never seen this, more's the pity.

In Memorium: George Sewell 1924-2007

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