Pathways of Darkness
Last updated 18 September 2002

Bridget & Endeaver


Level 9/8 Thief/Illusionist (Gnome)
Alignment Chaotic Good
Homeland Unknown
Gender Female
Armor Class 6
Hit Points 37
Age 247
Height 3'2" Weight 63 lbs
Hair White Eyes Green
STRength 16 Hit Prob Nor| Dmg Adj +1| Wgt Allow 70| Op Drs 9| BB/LG 10%
DEXterity 16 Rctn Adj +1| Missile Att Adj +1| Def Adj -2
CONstitution 15 HP Adj +1| Sys Shk 90%| Res Sur 94%| Pois Save 0| Regen Nil
INTelligence 18 No of Lang 7| Spell Lvl 9| Lrn Sp 85%| Spells/Lvl 18| Spell Immun 0
WISdom 14 Mag Def Adjus 0| Bonus Spells 1,1| Spell Fail 0%| Spell Immun --
CHaRisma 14 Max # Hench 6| Loy Base +1| Rctn Adj +2
THAC0 18
Backstab x4
Weapon Attack Adj/Dmg Adj Damage (SM/L) Speed
Sling -- --- 6
Sling +2 +2/-- --- 6
   Stone -- 1d4 --
   Bullet -- 1d4+1/1d6+1 --
   Bullet +2 --/+2 1d4+3/1d6+3 --
Short Sword -- 1d6/1d8 3
Dagger (Thrown +1/-) 1d4/1d3 2
Thief's Dagger: Dagger +4* --/+4 1d4/1d3 2
*Special: Adds 10% to Thieving Abilities
Betsy: Mini Musket* +2/+2 1d8 15
*Special: Never needs reloading or cleaning and if 8 is rolled - roll again (for dmg)
Forbidden schools: Necromancy; Invoc/Evoc; Abjuration
7 First Lvl, 3 Second Lvl, 3 Third Lvl, 2 Fourth Lvl
First Level Spells
Cantrip Detect Magic Change Self Sleep
Grease Find Familiar Shocking Grasp Audible Glamer
Identify Burning Hands Ventriloquism Charm Person
Comprehend Languages Nystul's Magical Aura
Second Level Spells
Locate Object Protection From Cantrip Fog Cloud Magic Mouth
Glitter Dust Alter Self Blindness Knock
Tasha's Uncontrolled Hideous Laughter Invisibility Tunnel Vision Irritation
Tunnel Vision Detect Invisibility Fool's Gold Wizard Lock
Third Level Spells
Invisibility (10' radius) Phantom Steed Item Haste
Monster Summoning I Wraithform Fly Slow
Fourth Level Spells
Fear Vacancy Monster Summoning II Improved Invisability
Armour Dimension Door Massmorph --
Fifth Level Spells
Monster Summoning III --
Sixth Level Spells
Insect Sight (Reverse of Tunnel Vision) --
Pick pockets 80% (95%) Riding Wis+3/17
Open Locks 65% (75%) Tightrope Walking Dex/16
Find/Remove Traps 85% (95%) Forgery Dex-1/15
Move Silently 65% (85%) Seamanship Dex+1/17
Hide in Shadows 40% (55%) Read Lips Int-2/16
Detect Noise 30% (40%) Herbalism Int-2/16
Climb Walls 60% (80%) Engineering Int-3/15
Read Languages 45% (55%) Rope Use Dex/16
adds Pick Pockets 5%; Move Silently 10%; Hide in Shadows 5%; Climb Walls 10%
Thieve's Dagger
adds 10% to all thieving abilities
Gnome, Common, Trade, Dwarvish, Elvan, Halfling, Goblin
Soft Boots
2 Tunics (purple & grey)
Black Leather Belt
2 Pair Warm hose (Blue)
Fur-lined Boots
Knife Sheath (in boot)
Musket Sheath
Black Cloak & Gloves
Grappling Hook & 100' Black Silk Rope
Back Pack
Several Small Belt Pouches
Winter Blanket
Scroll Case
Empty Vials
Suede scraps
Needles and thread
Deck of playing cards
Small Tent
Lock picks
Water pouch & Rations
Pouch full of spell ingrediants
Sling +2
Pouch full of bullets
Pouch full of bullets +2
Thief's Dagger
Betsy (Mini Musket)
Finely Crafted Dagger
Small Strawberry Roan Pony named Alan
Saddle Blanket
Saddle Bags & Rations
Warm Horse Blanket
Mission Amulet
Light Stone
Bracers of Defense: AC 6
Ring of Mind Shielding
Treasure Map
Magic Dust (Properties Unknown, except it dispells a force wall)
5 healing potions (1d8+1 HP restored)
Silver necklace with odd Bloodstone pendant
Vest with Deep Pockets (Holds 100Lbs as if it were 10Lbs)
Experience - Thief: 110,000/ Illusionist:90,000 (+3200)
Coins - 732gp 6sp 4cp
None of your business!
Part of Group Treasure She Carries
A Yeti Pouch containing various items (Including a Vial of Strange Clear Fluid)
Pouch full of that magic dust - properties unknown
2 unidentified Potions
Finely made, small chain mail hood
Bridget started her adventuring quite late in life - sort of a mid-life crisis .... She's in it mostly for the fun and particularly enjoys harassing dour Dwarves. Her thieving started early - as an orphan on the streets, it proved necessary. Later, she joined a carnival and learned lots of tricks. Recognizing the little Gnome had some magical ability, a wizard sort of adopted her and instructed her in the arts of Illusion. Before heading off to a life of adventure, he gave her The Bracers of Defense AC 6 - as a going away gift - something to help keep her safe. The Thief's Dagger was one of the very first things she ever stole - she thought it might come in handy, and so she kept it. The Ring of Mind Shielding was given to her by a comrade on her deathbed - she will often gaze upon it and frown in sadness for the friend she lost.

And the ring through her nose? Compliments of a particularly foul tempered Dwarf who paid to have it magically attached while she slept - and just because she gave him a magical hair removing formula and told him it would soften his beard!

Animal Companion
Species Pseudodragon
Gender Male Armor Class 2
Hit Points 7 HD/Lvl 2
# of Attacks 1 THAC0 19
Level 1 Dmg/Effects 1-3+Special
Skills/Abilities Poison Sting Chameleon Power 35% Magic Resistance
History Found egg in Mummy Tunnel
  • Silver necklace with odd Bloodstone pendant (Identical to one worn by Bridget)
  • Small Ruby worth @ 100gp
  • Small Spell Book