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Welcome to my re-vamped web site! I figured since I was moving to a new and improved server that I should spruce up the old site a bit. Nothing drastic, just some new colors, a slightly different look. Same content, though I should be able to add LOTS of sound files in my Media section - YAY! Have a look around, enjoy - or don't, whatever floats your boat.
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Yeah, I'm a Trekkie! (None of that politically correct "Trekker" rubbish here) I'm not as active as I used to be, but I'm still Klingon. Stop by and visit my Trek site.
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I'm also a fan of many other things besides Star Trek. Peruse my Media Pages for info about actors such as Ian McShane and TV shows like UFO. Be sure to check out my award winning pages dedicated to Tim Thomerson and Bruce Campbell! Plus, I've added my fave Toons and Books too!
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Want to know more about me? Check out my personal pages to find out what makes Yuchtar tick. (Might even find out my real name ...)
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Okay, so I have become addicted to rpg computer games - namely Daggerfall and Baldur's Gate, but I'm still a fan of good old D&D as well!. Check out my characters and maybe get some tips .......

Comments? Suggestions? Just wanna say HI? E-mail me at yuchtr@earthlink.net